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    I may have posted this a while back.

    I am so impressed with Pepsi's on going ever changing
    art design for the regular Pepsi brand. I buy a cube every
    week. It's like a cool surprise to see what the next can art
    is. The art work is IMO one of the coolest marketing themes
    I have seen a long time.

    The most recent one that I just discovered is a city skyline with
    tiny white snow flakes. Just awesome. All the can art has the
    the most briliant looking Pepsi logo.
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    It is a rotational nightmare. I have 6 pack displays in some c-stores with 5-6 different designs and all are within a couple of weeks of each other with end dates in november. So each time I go in I have to tear down 1/2 the display and rotate over a week date. Not so much for the store or the customer but the boss man checks stuff like that on an every day basis (not each and every store) and heaven forbid he find something 8 months away under something 8 months and one week away. And the displays had better be full, there won't be any of this selling down to rotate under his watch.
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      as a consumer, i'd like it (if i drank pepsi), but... it seems like it's a big hassle for bottlers and grocers. i might help move a little more product though... since people see a new design and think "aw. it's fresh!"


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        Being in larger format(heh and thankful to say..sorry saint..not a pushy boss) I don't find it much of a challenge. I haven't heard any customer feedback but I think it is a good brand promotion as it is catchy and new and they have continued and are going to continue to do it as far as I know which is a pretty good commitment.


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          Originally posted by the saint View Post
          It is a rotational nightmare. .......... And the displays had better be full, there won't be any of this selling down to rotate under his watch.
          LOL, makes me glad I decided being a Class A Merchandiser wasn't the job I wanted to do (well, not when they gave me 4 stores that would take 60+ hours a week to do a proper job on and told me to do it in 40)
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            OHH I don't find it much of a challenge as I do a PITA, You are in bulk, 99% of your can packaging is in secondary packaging so you do not actually see the cans. I am in small format, 99% of my cans are 6pk and or singles with no secondary packaging. I could understand if the dates were 2-3 months different, but each week- 8 months away. You cannot tell me that you rotate each and every day at every store at every point of distr on your entire route. Well I guess you could and unless you run beer, you are lying thru your teeth. it is always nice when your boss is fresh out of college almost half your age and wants to change the world by "thinking outside the box". I will be glad when he finds somewhere else to go and work like all the rest of the college hires.

            It is kind of comical, sometimes he will go into stores that PBG doesn't even service--everyone in the business knows the ones I am talking about-- He will see all of the out of date, 24 oz, half liter, whichever cans were cheapest at sams/ walmart that week and call. I feel like "uncle buck talking to his girlfriend" trying to get a word in and only saying " ge..ju...le....ex....spl.." he will finally get off of his tirade. I will say "I do not go in that store, They do not do business with us" something along those lines and he will say "well maybe you should swing by and pick up all of this out of date and send in fresh product for them." I will say " well since you are there right now and I have never even been in the store why don't you go ahead and gather up everything out of date and tell them you are going to send them fresh product, keep in mind that they are non contract and will be paying full wholesale cost for all the cases you send in" a few minutes later he will call back and tell me that the owners do not want to business with us. then he will say that it should become my number one A list priority to gain business with that particular store. Like I don't already have enough junkholes to worry about that already do business with me, and I have time to bother with one that doesn't.
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            If what you did yesterday still looks big, you haven't done much today.


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              ha! that was a funny read, saint.


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                Originally posted by popologist View Post
                ha! that was a funny read, saint.
                Funny here in Chi Town the CS have the regular array of door sizes ect but
                only fridge packs. I never see six packs except via the delivery restaurants.

                The big chain grocery stores haven't had six packs since the introduction of the first
                generation of fridge packs.

                (Said with respect. )
                "One man's pleasure is another man's pain.) LOL
                You know who you are, the route workers
                work their asses off to make me a happy
                soda pop freak.
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                  Saint , Great Story. You are so true about the new kids straight out of college. I think that PBG, Coke, AB, Miller, et al should make ALL managers work a route for 3 months minimum before putting them in charge of Route merchandisers and salesmen. Furthermore, I think that all managers should work the trade at least 1 week a year every year. Some managers forget what it is like out there and actually lose touch with the realities of route service.

                  When I first started at PBG in Denver EVERYONE that worked in the plant( or out of it) had to get their CDL. Due to possible weather related events they wanted to be able to call anyone....and I mean anyone to come and run a load out. ( Ok, maybe some of the girls in processing didn't have to do itm BUT the guys did!)
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                    I had to do the same when I started in the soda industry. I haven't driven a truck in a good 10-12 years but I still have my CDL, although my DOT physical card hasn't been renewed in years. I always figured that if for some strange reason I ever needed to go to work driving a truck again it is easier to go and get a physical rather than trying to get a truck and do the driving test again.

                    Spealing about out of touch bosses, I always like when they call at 7-8 pm at night about something that they feel is a life or death situation (so to speak). Then thay act like you should be ashamed because you aren't still working, even though you started at 4 am and had 4-5 hours in at work before they even rolled over to turn off the alarm clock.
                    If what you did yesterday still looks big, you haven't done much today.


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                      lol wow *hides behind a barricade* ...nice little tirade there saint. heh in all honesty I get what you mean with those six packs and other packages non-12pack cans but whenever we catch a grand opening of a farm fresh over here and we get the ad we always have huge six pack can displays. Other then that not even worth it to keep them in stores they don't sell. I don't know one store other then the Bulk stores(this is including C stores too) that has 6pack cans..but the bulk stores sell them by the case anyway afaik.

                      Nice little story but ah so is life...PBG pays for all your tuition its never to late to go back! haha..


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                        hehe you obviously haven't read the fine print on the tuition reimbursement have ya? if so, what classes are you enrolled in?............................................... thats what I thought, the idea of going back to school is to get away from PBG not to work there even longer because they paid you back part of your tuition.

                        Don't take it wrong I enjoy working at PBG, there are days and people there just as any other job that just suck.
                        If what you did yesterday still looks big, you haven't done much today.