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Workplace Pineapple Soda Taste Test

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  • Workplace Pineapple Soda Taste Test

    The results are in on the workplace Pineapple Soda Taste Test. 13 of us sampled 9 different sodas. Based on the number of ballots that the sodas appeared on and their highest ranking (one point for appearing on the ballot and an additional point for each #1 ranking), Pineapple Crush (Intrastate Distributors, Detroit) and Rock Creek (a local C-S bargain brand) rose to the top:


    Brand (No. of top 3 ballots; #1 rankings; No. of points; Highest rank)

    Pineapple Crush (7; 3; 10; 1)
    Rock Creek (7; 3; 10; 1)
    Goya (5; 3; 8; 1)
    Tropical Fantasy (5; 3; 8; 1)
    D&G Jamaican (5; -; 5; 3)
    Fanta (4; -; 4; 2)
    Casa Blanca (2; 1; 3; 1)
    Barrilitos (1; -; 1; 2)
    Jarritos (1; -; 1; 3)

    Not much love for the Mexican sodas this time. The Casa Blanca soda is a local (Washington D.C.) bottler selling to the large Hispanic population in the nearby suburbs in Montgomery and Prince George???„?s Counties. They are getting better but are still not quite there yet. I was surprised to see that two bargain brands (Rock Creek and Tropical Fantasy [Brooklyn Bottling]) were up at the top. The Rock Creek is super-carbonated, which may have helped it.
    With thousands of sodas available for the choosing, why drink just one or two?