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Pepsi can collector...Needs help...please

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  • Pepsi can collector...Needs help...please

    Also posted this on the Product Location Board, sorry for the redundancy was hoping for more replies.

    I absollutely love Pepsi and I have a nice collection of different flavored or named Pepsi products. There are several I've heard of but haven't been able to get my hands on. Ebay has been my best friend so far on findings some of the oddballs.

    Ones I'm looking for (if not available in can form would still like the bottles)
    Some I'm not even sure really exist but it's worth a shot. Thanks for looking.

    Pepsi Red (Japan)
    Pepsi Carnival (Japan)
    Pepsi Samba (Australia)
    Pepsi Fresh (supposably U.S.)
    Pepsi Latte (have all the other various forms of this one)
    Pepsi Summer Chill (believe this is an apple flavor?)
    Pepsi Advantage
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    Pepsi Raw/Natural has been delayed several times.

    Passover Pepsi ("Kosher") is usually only found in 2 liter bottles with a special cap on there stating it meets that standard.
    Give me some cane sugar real Pepsi in a glass bottle... and not Throwback!


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      Thanks for the info Android, much appreciated!


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        Whoa, the Pepsi CEO Indra Nooyi would be so impressed at your valiant attempt! She has done great things with the company, including creating all these awesome international options.


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          Updated my list, any help would be appreciated as I have been looking for the above variants for quite some time.

          Thanks for taking a look.