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Coke in eastern PA using sucrose

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  • Coke in eastern PA using sucrose

    I only recently became aware of the HFCS/Sucrose issue (though like the Matrix I knew something was wrong).

    So I had to know, and ordered Sucrose Coke & Vanilla Coke via

    Then by chance I used a coke machine at work that I never use (usually drink Pepsi) and noticed something wonderful -- SUCROSE! By putting 2+2 together I figure that the subsidies on HFCS and tarrifs on sugar are being negated by other demand for corn such as ethanol and the price of sugar is starting to make sense again thus the switch.

    I live in NJ and work in Allentown, PA. It appears that the eastern Pennsylvania bottlers have switched to sucrose. In fact if I'm not mistaken, the bottler for this region is in Allentown on route 22. So now I stock up on Coke by work and bring it home. Coke, Cherry Coke, and Vanilla Coke (only some, and only in cans) I have verified use sucrose. Dr. Pepper is still HFCS, as well as other bottlers products that I checked such as RC and Pepsi.

    Now I'm on a mission to taste sucrose Pepsi. I guess I can only wait for Passover?
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    Favorite Sodas
    1. Coke (sucrose)
    2. Boylan Black Cherry
    3. Dublin Dr. Pepper
    4. MexiCoke
    5. Passover Pepsi
    6. Wild Cherry Pepsi (formerly #1 before sugar)
    7. Vanilla Coke (god I miss this in sucrose, tasty!)

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    I don't think Abarta Coke ever switched from sucrose to hfcs.

    You're right, their plant is off 22. It's kind of by the airport - I was by there the other day, myself.

    All 24 packs, 12 packs, 2 liters, and 20oz of Coke, CF Coke, Cherry Coke and Vanilla Coke in the Allentown/Bethlehem area as well as Phillipsburg NJ with the production code BH should have sucrose. 6 pack half liter and 8 pack 12 ounce, which are produced by other bottling companies, will be hfcs.


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      I never knew that and i live near allentown lol. then again i dont really drink coke so....