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Time to restock the West Jefferson supply

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    Have a safe and mega A-List trip. [img]smile.gif[/img]
    "Drink em if you got em"
    Don't worry, be happy. Meher Baba


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      They've been running Red Rock cola so it's in stock and fresh, if you like a good cane sugar cola go for it. Also saw some Welch's and Crush coming off the lines.
      90 years of Cheer...1917-2007


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        01GTB if you are still looking for Sanford Coke bottled Dr Pepper you should know that the bottles are sold in Coca Cola six pack carriers NOT Dr Pepper carriers.
        Well this may be too late I think you have left already.

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        Whatcha gonna do mama now that the roast beef is gone?


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          It's too late this time, but I will be going right up through the same area 9 days from now [img]smile.gif[/img]

          Cheer-wined, you know what? I saw it sitting there and was going to get a couple cases of it and it slipped my mind [img]redface.gif[/img] I had the truck full and it would not hold any more anyway, but I could have gotten a few less Dr Peppers. But I just totally forgot it until right now

          On a side note, I did not escape the town of West Jefferson without stirring up trouble On my way out I went up to Ingles and picked up a few packs of Frostie and was looking for an air compressor to cram 10 more pounds of air in my back tires. I went down to the station, kind of directly down the hill from there, and the hose didn't even have a tire chuck on it. It was one of those pay-for-air deals and they usually don't do a very good job anyway. I decided to head back out 163 toward 16 and I saw a little convenience store with a hose out, like it might be hooked to a real compressor. I was going to buy gas there, but it said something about cash or Citgo cards only. I didn't have any cash left after leaving the warehouse, so I walked in and bought a Mt. Dew. I asked the guy if the air hose was hooked up and if I could use it. Then I opened my mouth and made a comment about needing to air up the tires because I had 57 cases of this stuff in the bed Big mistake! The guy asks how much all that cost and I told him. He said "well what are they charging you for a case?" I spit out the $14.50 price and he's steaming! He grabs his last invoice and says "that's bull****! That's what I am paying!" Hell, who knew? He was absolutely disgusted that I just paid the same thing for it that he pays. I mean damn, what do they think, I am going to drive from Florida and pay 89 cents a bottle for it?

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            I thought I would go ahead and add a little more while this is fresh on my mind, and since here it is 5am and I just got the truck unloaded.

            First I rented a truck pretty much for the sole purpose of doing this. I was going to rent a car to go to Virginia, so the added cost of a truck was not that great. Plus it was a pretty decent truck. A 06 F150 with the Payload Package, which translates to being able to carry more than 2300lbs. Mine will haul more weight, but it's a short bed.

            Last week the weather for this week didn't look too bad. I spent time with the family on Sunday and Monday. Then Tuesday rolled around and the weather was looking bad. I held off on leaving until today. It was a total wash. It rained all the way to WJ, but it wasn't raining there. I put my bottom tarp down in the bed, loaded up the back and pulled out. As I pulled out it started raining pretty good. I tried to find a dry spot (turned out to be a local carwash) but it was too late. My bottom tarp was acting like a bathtub. My intention was to wrap the bottom all the way to the top, then put the top tarp on. In theory it would have worked. But I didn't get it on in time. Regardless, I spend 30 minutes or more securing the top tarp.

            It rained for at least 10 of the 15 hours I drove today. I think I have gotten 4 hours of sleep in the last 40. But I am not even sure about that. I get here and get this stuff unloaded, and the whole bottom of half of the cases is wet. I have to carefully unload them so they don't just fall out. It smells like a paper mill in the garage. I have no idea what I am going to do with the bottles in these wet cases. We're talking a half of a ton of weight, so I can't just throw them in a cabinet. (Note to self: Save old cases if they are in good shape. They may come in handy one day. )

            I was thinking this morning that I would get a few cases of the stuff I had never tried, give it a good sampling, then next week pick up more of what I like. Screw that! I've got plenty. If I were to stack it in one block it would be 3x3 and as tall as the ceiling. After today I'll have to think long and hard before I do this again.


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              Well, I am leaving in the morning headed back up to Va. I will be roughly 200 miles from WJ again It's been a week since I got back and the pain in the butt that it was has kind of faded from memory.

              Must resist left turn at 421

              Some pics from the last haul.

              Trying to get the tarp on at the carwash...

              Most but not all of it...


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                Say did Coke come out with a milk bone soda pop. LOL Mutt Soda LOLOLOLOLOL
                Very nice haul. [img]smile.gif[/img]
                Don't worry, be happy. Meher Baba


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                  LOL That served as a replacement box for the Nehi Orange's case that was destroyed by moisture. There is actually Orange Crush in the 7Up box.


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                    I made my first trip to the West Jefferson bottling plant this past week. I must admit, I was a bit disappointed. I only drink diet drinks, and the only ones they could sell me in glass bottles were Diet Dr. Pepper (which I bought) and Diet Cheerwine (which I can get easily in stores close to my home). They had Diet Sun Drop, but could not sell it due to "contractual obligations." Also, the guy there told me that they no longer bottle Mountain Dew (regular or diet).

                    I did get some RC, 7 Up, and Nu Grape in glass bottles for my family.

                    I also stopped by the Checker Mart in Concord recently and bought a 6-pack of Hires Root Beer for my brother. (Thanks for the tip, Cheer-wined!) Strangely enough, the Checker Mart also had the glass bottled Diet Sun Drops (from W. Jefferson) for sale. I bought a few of those, too.


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                      I guess that means that RC Winchester is the only non-Pepsi bottler of Dew (and Dr Pepper Staunton is the only non-bottling non-Pepsi distributor left).

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                        I don't know about that. We recieved 4 fresh pallets of Dew from WJ last Thursday. They haven't informed us if they indeed have quit Dew.


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                          I just called WJ and they said they do have 12oz glass mtn dew, maybe someone else could call them to confirm that answer, I am work so I didn't have lots of time to spend questioning them on the phone!!!(phone number is easy to find). I know they have told me in the past they don't have time to produce any 2 liters of dew or diet dew.
                          drink the dew


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                            I saw more pallets of Mountain Dew this time than last. I bought 2 more cases on Monday.


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                              My brother went with me to West Jefferson last week and bought his drinks from the same guy right after I got mine. I double checked with my brother about the Mountain Dew because I knew that he had wanted to get a case of it. My brother said that the man told him, "we don't have Mountain Dew anymore." He said that the man also tried to talk him into buying Nehi grape instead of Nugrape and added that that he thought that they should stop bottling Big Red and the Cool Mountain drinks because they "don't sell well."

                              I do know that I did not see any cases of Mountain Dew anywhere while I was there. I hope they still do bottle it. Oh, well... maybe next year I can find out.


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                                I don't know what to tell ya. I was there on November 22 and they had Dew, and I was there on December 4th and they had it. The ones I bought on Monday have the same production date as the ones I bought two weeks ago. I don't know where else it would have been. It's sitting right next to the door at the warehouse. It was the warehouse (the place on 163) that you went to, right? I mean you can see everything that was available with your own eyes.