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    Originally posted by Tannerman View Post
    popologist, excellent coverage and conversation on this topic. Thanks for crunching some numbers.

    So here's a question as we look at the data. If you take the regular/diet/zeroized combination from the big two and add them together...

    Thus, Pepsi+Diet Pepsi+Pepsi Max and Coke+Diet Coke+Coke Zero, are we just seeing movement within those 3 silos, with different sales totals stealing from each other, or is there any real growth? As you noted, Max and Zero are probably taking from their Diet and maybe even non-Diet siblings, but I don't really see them going beyond those core audiences. I haven't done the math myself, but it's just an observation. Please, prove me an idiot if needed
    i've been watching these numbers for years and, both, soda giants had wild case volume growth through the 1990s up to the early 2000s... but, then, case volume has been steadily sliding since about 2001. up until the recession (in the last 2 years), a lot of that slide was in the sugar versions (coke & pepsi), while the diet versions showed mild growth. a lot of these losses were attributed to competition from healthier options, like sports drinks, teas and waters... and many analysts predict that the soda companies are about to hit a bottom... and will then start growing again.

    the reason that coca-cola products have been sliding a little slower than pepsico's is because coke controls about 66% of the fountain/restaurant business, and pepsi only about 22%... and most of the growth in the soda industry has been in the fountain/restaurant sector.

    i'm no expert, but i wouldn't be surprised if coke and pepsi slide again this year (because of the recession), and then start rebounding next year (particularly, their diet/zero versions).