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Kyle Petty's rant about a certain sports drink

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  • Kyle Petty's rant about a certain sports drink

    Oh Wow,
    I guess Pepsi should have asked him first.

    NASCAR.COM Video - Kyle's Corner: Thirst aid

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    and everyone agrees with him


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      It's the death touch of Peter Arnell and his rebranding craziness


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        If by everyone you mean people like yourself then yes .

        I think it needed an update..and I think it was suitable..the marketing is a little off kilter but its catching on.


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          Kyle Petty is payed by Coke.
          Whatcha gonna do mama now that the roast beef is gone?


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            Correct. Unlike most contract from today, Petty has been around long enough to have a "lifetime" deal with Coca-Cola. Even though his days with the Mello Yello car were over 20 years ago, he still gets paid.


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              The worst part is, they didn't change the name really its still "Gatorade", but yea the commercials where everyone is saying how they are G and crap, is so annoying, like gatorade is gangsta now or something.
              They could just have an orange lightning bolt on the bottle and you know what you are drinking, but adding a big G? stupid and corny.
              That would be like coke, getting rid of the coca-cola script or even the ribbon, and just using a big C, just stupid.
              Pepsi is just clueless, they had 2 iconic logo's the pepsi globe and gatorade's lightning bolt and found a way to screw both of them up.