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Bring back Pepsi Vanilla, Pitch Black Mountain Dew and 80's new Coke flavor(new name)

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    My Dad used to buy Coke 10 cases at a time to keep at work, and would bring home plenty whenever we were running low. Always had a can by my side. When New Coke came out, I was an instant fan, and thought it made the original formula taste awful in comparison. I never noticed the citrus notes in the original until then. My Dad hated the new stuff, though, and instantly switched to Pepsi. (I have an idea their sales team worked overtime to convert customers like him) As a result, Coca-Cola probably lost out on a couple semi-trailer loads of business over the years, just from what my Dad would drink!

    I prefer diet colas but would take a New Coke over a Coke or Pepsi these days.


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      I want Pepsi Blue to make a return, but I bet I'm in the minority on that one.


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        Pepsi Blue, Vanilla Pepsi, New Coke(CokeII)+

        I would want Pepsi Blue, Vanilla Pepsi, Original Vanilla Coke(not the one they have on the shelves today), Pepsi Vanilla, New Coke(Coke II), Pepsi Edge, and bring them all to Canada!!!!