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Wanted: Used Plastic Sucker Shelves

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  • Wanted: Used Plastic Sucker Shelves

    Hey Everyone,

    Our new beverage, ResQwater, has a great opportunity to go into almost 600 convenience stores May 1st. Our product will be displayed in the coolers that have alcoholic drinks, as our product functions to aid the liver in processing alcohol more effectively, therefore preventing the symptoms associated with the common hangover.

    This is great-but as a new product, we're on a budget and are interested in purchasing used product shelves that suction to the inside of the cooler doors.

    If anyone has a lead to a company who would be interested in selling us there shelves, I would be grateful for the information.

    Thanks very much!

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    you should find the number to every beer wholesaler in america. they always get them shipped in bulk quantities for new brands or skus.
    woot woot