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16 oz. Boylan's flavors on the cheap!

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  • 16 oz. Boylan's flavors on the cheap!

    I was pleasantly surprised to see both Boylan???„?s and Frostop flavors in resealable 16 oz. painted label bottles at my local Big Lots yesterday. The Boylan???„?s (creamy red birch beer, birch beer, root beer, orange, black cherry & grape) are 75 cents apiece and the Frostop (Kansas City sarsaparilla, orange cream, vanilla caramel cream soda & diet root beer) are 70 cents. Lots of stock with nice fresh dates.
    With thousands of sodas available for the choosing, why drink just one or two?

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    I read your post and had to go check out my local store.I was hoping to get to try the Boylan's Red Birch that some rave about.They didn't have it, but they did have the rootbeer.At least I get to try something new.Thanks for posting.


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      I found the Diet Frostop Root Beer at one of the Big Lot locations near my home. I'd never tried it before. It's very good. The taste is similar to that of A&W Root Beer -- smooth with more emphasis on the vanilla than on the licorice.


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        I tried both of those in diet root beer - they were decent, but neither of them compare to Diet Hansen's Root Beer - that's the one I wish came in glass!
        Give me some cane sugar real Pepsi in a glass bottle... and not Throwback!


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          I bought Boylan Bottleworks Creme Soda & Frostop Orange & Creme at Big Lots yesterday. Both taste pretty good.


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            The Boylan's rootbeer was better than the cola I tried awhile back.I've never seen any Frostop in my area,would give it a shot if I did.These posts like this are exactly why I go to this forum.I like new ideas as far as what others have tried and where products can be had.That is what it is all about for me.


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              Odd that you'd find something like Boylan's at Big Lots.. perhaps a production overrun?

              Big Lots doesn't sell deposit drinks in states with "bottle bills." Thankfully I live right near the MD/DE state line, and there's a Big Lots over there. Plus, Delaware is going to be eliminating the 5?? deposit I believe next month, and instead replacing it with a 4% non-refundable tax to fund the startup of statewide recycling. Perhaps then the Big Lots here (one just opened very close to me) will start selling stuff like this.

              Although I did get a good deal on Boylan's last week - the grocery chain Redner's (eastern PA/MD, one store in DE) had 4 packs for $2.79, and they had the red birch beer.


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                I didn't even pay attention to the fact that the Big Lots stuff was 16oz until I saw them there today. The 4 packs I got are 12oz bottles.

                The selection wasn't as good, though. Just Diet Frostop Root Beer, reg/diet Frostop orange, Boylan's diet root beer, black cherry and I believe cream at the store over in Maryland.

                I also saw a whole endcap of boxed Jones Pomegranate cream soda. 12 longnecks in the box, the outside has a wintery theme to it. Absolutely no mention of it on their website.