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Diet Rite Cola now in Mexico...

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  • Diet Rite Cola now in Mexico...

    Grupo Pe??±afiel (the mexican division of Dr. Pepper Snapple Group) released a few weeks ago Diet Rite Cola here in Mexico...

    I tried it... not a big fan of the taste... :S

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    Do they have any of the other Diet Rite varieties (Cherry Cola, White Grape, etc.), or is it just the plain cola that's available?


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      Just plain cola... I don't know if in the future they'll release it in more flavors..


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        Around here, all of the other flavors besides cola have disappeared. Up until a few months ago we had Cherry Cola, Tangerine and one in a purple can. I think some sort of berry. I've looked everywhere but can't find any other flavors.


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          Around here, we've only had the plain cola, tangerine, and white grape. The tangerine and white grape flavors, however, are becoming increasingly scarce.

          The cola used to be pretty good, but they changed it in the late 90's and it's been pretty mediocre ever since.


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            Just the cola here as well. Canada Dry over in Maryland used to have some of the flavors, but I think they dropped them. Davis Beverage to the northwest of here has cherry cola (and Cherry RC!!).


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              Diet Rite Cherry Cola is pretty good; I hope it sticks around. I wish they would introduce a Diet Cherry RC.