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    Ok, so it's 3 weeks from the new year, and I have yet to hear a THING about this whole Gatorade deal. Is it just going to show up in the warehouse and be on our trucks the next day?? We have added new racking for it, and that's all that I know. Does anyone else with PBC have ANY information on this??

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    You guys are getting it. That's for sure. Small format only. I would bet you will see 30 or 40 new sku's in that racking before Jan 1. Can't believe they are keeping you in the dark as far as launch goes.


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      Yeah, it would be nice if we had ANY insight on it. All we've heard is that we're going to have to reconfigure the routes. You would think that they would be already planning that part....


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        I drive by a Mickey Truck Bodies plant quite often. Yesterday, I noticed that they had a dozen or so delivery trucks that had been painted with the Gatorade logo on the back and the word "Service" painted on the sides.


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          We just had our Gatorade rally this past week and last month we got a ton of details on we have even more.

          Small format..ALL SKUS ARE A GO! Powder, sticks, every flavor is OURS(g1,g2,g3)! We will be distributing it all.

          Large format... nothing yet but there is VERY strong words that it will be coming to large format in the near future..I am guessing especially when it is realized that going to a bottler for distribution is much better.

          Essentially another route is going to be added just to satisfy the efficiency when gatorade is added and the amount of volume in just small format alone expected is INSANE. Gatorade is a huge deal..I think the red guys should be scared now. Powerade had the edge because of quick to market distro..but that time and placement is over.


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            I am far from scared.....

            I'm actually loving it. Gets me to parity on my partnership accounts, because guess what, they don't want a thing Pepsi offers. I'm laughing and loving it knowing Buffalo Rock is gonna screw it up. I'm loving it knowing you will have to have some type of price increase. I am LMAO knowing that it will be an out of stock nightmare for yall. I'm loving it knowing this is the point and time to bury Gatorade once and for all. I have stores that don't even carry it, and stores that now it is handled by Pepsi, will stop carrying it. This is a Powerade market, and will become even more of one now that the inferior company is handling it.


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              Price increase? No. Actually many large c-store chains have locked in a longer term low price already for the most consumed format(32 oz). In addition to that it has been proven that with distribution through the PBC system(I don't think your buffalo rock is in alignment with that) that OOS percentages are sliced up significantly. Also our speed to market(which is what sold our way of distributing over warehouse/store ordering in) will gain the edge on the wanna be isotonic known as Powerade. Why go with a second rate one dimensional sports drink brand when you can go with a multi-faceted better tasting and leveraged drink brand that has fueled hundreds of popular sports athletes(maybe even thousands?!) to victory! Haha I sound like such a commercial.

              Bury Gatorade? PLEASE. This move only strengthens the brand. Have pepsi beverage experts order what is needed as opposed to a store manager who is in charge of thousands of items..and you think that won't be better? Best to put on your selling cap my friend.. powerade's market share nationally is dwarfed by gatorades. Now it will make it insignificant.


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                As far as a price increase, there is one. I've already seen pricing. Now instead of shipping direct, you have to pay all the guys in blue to touch it, and sell it. You are smart enough to realize that. You know the business well enough to know it will happen in your market as well. Same thing happened with us and m water.

                I've got my sellling shows on. Hell, hardly anyone around here knows Pepsi is getting it. I've had to be the one to bring it up to them. People just laugh when they here it. I can't say for other markets, but this, and the south in general is a strong Powerade market, with my market having the lead in share with Powerade. Not much of a inferior brand if you ask me. You would know what your are talking about though with inferior brands, because except for Dew that's all your company is known for.


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                  This I know.. but the store saves labor which = money/time and are more willing to negotiate on less of a profit at the benefit of saving on labor. It is the same logic that has fueled CSD and New Age growth and eased the stress of these stores trying to sell flavors that will not. I am sure there is some markets where powerade is king..this I can't deny but just like the trends in VA..nationally the markets are different and just like the one dimensional beverage company that is KO.. Pepsi has ventured in too many aspects of the food industry and with the addition of PBC and PA we are a fortune TEN company.


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                    LOL, well I wasn't trying to start a war!! I just wanted to know any information on the Gatorade takeover. And fortunately, there ARE some Pepsi people out there that know what's going on!! And as far as the isotonic trend goes, it's definitely regional (however I'm kind of in the dark as far as national goes, I want to say Gatorade wins that one? And that's not biased). Up here in frigid ND, Powerade is definitely king. How red can sell 32oz bottles of it for 79 cents is unknown to me. Taste wise, I'd take Gatorade hands down. But, the common person is gonna snatch up 79 cent and 99 cent Powerade 32oz all day (especially when Gatorade is 2 for $3 at best in c-stores).

                    From a route driver perspective, it's gonna be a nice boost in commission... I'm hoping that they do something about the packaging. If I have 200 cases of 32oz Gatorade on my truck, and they all come in a plain brown box with the flavor in small font on one side, it's going to turn into some long(er) days!!


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                      So, when I approached our TSM and SSM about the whole Gatorade thing, all I got was "It'll be on your truck on Monday". When I ask the ASM's, they say "yeah, we're selling Gatorade now, so it's going to be on your trucks.. well DUH!! We got about 25 pallets of the stuff last week waiting to go out on the market. Not ONE word on pricing or anything. As a route driver (which has basically been dumbed down to grunt work from when I started on the route), it would be nice to know about these things. If the prices are off, then WE need to adjust it. And if they don't see the sales rep one week, who do they always come to when they have questions about the new stuff? THE DRIVER!! Just because we are basically on the bottom of the food chain in Pepsico, we are STILL the face of the company on a day to day basis. I honestly don't think that these ppl don't realize this!!! SO FRUSTRATING!!!


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                        I am honestly surprised they allow you to do price adjustments.

                        You would think with a product this big, they'd have had a sales rally or kickoff meeting, or something!


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                          I guess I should rephrase... we can change the prices, but not to whatever we want. Whatever options are available for certain accounts. If they're not available, we have to call in to get approval.


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                            Saw something very interesting today.

                            A fully painted Gatorade tractor and gooseneck trailer. It looked very sharp, and the paint job looked recent. Unfortunately, I was driving between stores, and the truck went one way, and I was heading the other way (I saw it at a stoplight).

                            It was in territory owned by an independent Pepsi distributor. They carry 20oz G, G2 and Propel, but I was told by one of their reps that they weren't getting the 32oz business. So I wonder if this was a PBC truck. I know PBC runs a Muscle Milk van down from their warehouse in Wilmington DE to service this area, since the indie distributor wasn't interested in carrying it. They don't carry Rockstar, either - Canada Dry still has it.

                            Anyone else seen one of these?


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                              PBC is indeed running Gatorade trucks into independent Pepsi markets that didn't agree to pick up Gatorade. These are Gatorade identified trucks and drivers.

                              I heard in another independent Pepsi territory that didn't pick it up, they gave it to the Budweiser wholesaler. That's right. Gatorade on a Bud truck. Crazy...