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Status of Mistic and Nehi

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  • Status of Mistic and Nehi

    Are Mistic and Nehi still available? I assume they are owned by DPSG. Is there a website for either?

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    Nehi Peach is available here. Back when I went to Birmingham a few years ago, on the way I found Nehi Blue, Orange and Grape.


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      Still available... grape, orange, peach, strawberry... at least in certain areas, I'm sure when it comes down to it they won't give primary shelf space to this product, its definately not the priority but at 99 cent pre-priced 2liters they do sell.


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        I see them all the time at Walgreens.


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          Glass-bottled orange, grape, and peach Nehi are available from West Jefferson. In many areas in NC, peach Nehi is available in 20-oz. & 2-L plastic bottles as well as cans. It seems to be more common in convenience stores than it is in grocery stores.


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            Mistic is still available, too. I've never really looked for it before, but today I saw it at my local Food Lion store. They had Fruit Punch, Kiwi-Strawberry, and Peach flavors in glass bottles for 99 cents each.


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              Mistic better be around for quite a while.
              Since our former Mistic distributor gave up Mistic to the 7up distributors in the state, I've been trying to get ours to get some different flavors.
              All we get here are:
              Tropical fruit Punch (OK)
              Strawberry Kiwi (Yuck)
              Peach Beach (OK)
              Grape Strawberry (Yum)
              Bahama Blueberry (OK..used to be YUM)
              Orange Carrot (YUM)
              Mango Carrot (YUM)

              I wish we could get in:
              Strawberry Banana
              Tropical Carrot
              Peach Carrot
              Orange Cabana Banana (if it's still around)
              Tropical Haze
              Watermelon Kiwi

              If anyone knows where I can get these close to the SE NC area, please let me know.