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  • Board update...

    There might be a few kinks, but the board should be running more smoothly now...

    And if you see anything wrong or don't like something, please reply to this thread

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    I think you'll have to adjust some of the font size settings, there's several that need to be downsized.
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      Reposted feedback.

      ***Reposted from earlier Bevboard Feedback Thread, 12:30pm 1/28/11)***

      Over all I like the new blog.
      Just wondering will you tweak the color of the blog (better contrast) and enlarge the size of the founts?The large fount style for the general headings IMO are too large and appear
      to leap off the page.

      Just my two cents.

      Mr Zabe
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        I dont like the large fonts! Its making things look cluttered.


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          background color?

          I've normally use Windows XP with IE8 (v8.0.6001.18702) when I'm on Bevnet.

          And the background is white. I don't really like the typeface for the main font you are using here - it's one of those that doesn't display well. And the weird font sizes too, as mentioned. But I just tried it with Firefox (v3.0.8) and found that on there it's a black background. And over there things look better. But the black overwhelms certain elements though.

          Which is it supposed to be???

          I was just trying to put some screen shots of what I'm seeing here into the Gallery but it's being stubborn too... but I think I figured it out.

          Here's what the "view new posts" page looks like for me in IE8:

          And here's what it looks like in Firefox: (anything blue on black will "scatter" with any kind of digital compression - that's why the letters look so blurry here. They don't look quite like that on the screen though.

          This is the bottom of a view-thread page in IE8:

          And here it is in Firefox:

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            I love this format. Glad this site got it. The only thing that would make it better is a "dark" theme.(black background).


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              I figured out why my laptop was showing a black background when I was using the Firefox browser, somehow the display settings got changed. I put them back to view them as per the site specs. With Firefox the fonts aren't all HUGE like on IE8. Other than the font issues, the redesign looks pretty good.
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                I hate to be negative but personally I can't stand the new look. I used to check in here several times a day but since the change, I rarely come here any longer. It looks terrible.


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                  It will take some getting used to but it looks fine in Chrome.


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                    I think I liked it better before. it is harder for me to read and navigate this way. But I suppose I will get used to it.
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                      My sincere apologies to BevNet for my earlier post in which I said the new layout looked terrible. After reading some other comments I tried it in other browsers other than IE. It looks perfectly fine in all of them except IE. Proving once again that Internet Explorer is the biggest piece of crap browser out there by a mile. Why I ever use it is beyond me.


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                        The thing is - is it should be optimized for all the major browsers. There's still some things that don't show up quite right when I use Firefox.
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                          Wow! After reading Susan's post I switched to Firefox. Looks much better then IE.
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