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Where to find Mexican Coke by the case in D.C.

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  • Where to find Mexican Coke by the case in D.C.

    Hello all, first post. I have seen mexican coke in many restaurants and grocery stores, but I'm wondering where I can find it by the case in the area?

    Thanks for the help!

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    In general as I do not know the DC market; try Costco and or other whole sale warehouse stores. You may also contact your local Coke bottler, they might know of a retail vendor that
    stocks it. Fusion (a fellow board member) may be able to help you find what you want.
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      We generally sell it by the bottle, although the case itself does have a upc code. I second the suggestion of Costco.

      I would also strongly suggest visiting Hispanic grocery stores/markets in your area. They generally have a pretty good selection, and may cut you a deal on buying by the case. They generally get their stuff from gray market distribution channels, and may be a little cheaper. I've found some neat stuff in some of the stores from Mexico, Central America, and South America.

      The Coke distribution center for your area is in Capitol Heights, MD.

      Oh, you might also want to try Wegmans. They recently opened a location in Lanham, and they even have a Coke Freestyle fountain machine (100+ selections) inside.


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        The Wegmans in New York carry Mexican Coke, Sprite, Fanta and Pepsi.
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          Thanks for the help guys!


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            Costco is definitely the easiest way to get it by the case.

            Getting it by the bottle has gotten even easier around here - even Home Depot has it.


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              Another source may be Wegmans. I was just at the one in Malvern, PA, and they had it for $18.99 a case. That's a pretty good deal, imho.