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Is Pepsi Lime really going to die in July...?

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  • Is Pepsi Lime really going to die in July...?

    I read on another forum thread about Cherry Dr Pepper that Wild Cherry Pepsi will make its way here in July, to replace Pepsi Lime.

    I know it's not an official Pepsi statement but I can't help but be concerned.

    Is that last part true? I'm mainly asking newCokeCanuck who has regular contact with his Pepsi rep.

    Now, I have mixed feelings about this if it's true.

    On one hand, I LOVE Wild Cherry Pepsi with a passion (It's obvious with my username and avatar. :P ) and I'm excited at the chance to get it in Canada. It's my very favorite soda of all time. I scope some out every time I cross the border, and I ask for some when people I know go down south.

    However... I can't help but feel saddened at the potential loss of Pepsi Lime... I adore Pepsi Lime, it's the first flavor extension I've ever been able to get my hands on in Canada. And I fell in love with it at first taste. My question is, why stop producing it when it's apparently selling so well? Can't they co-exist? Canadians love Pepsi Lime AND want Cherry Pepsi back... I would love to get Cherry Pepsi back in Canada, but I'd rather it not be at the expense of Pepsi Lime.

    NCC, can you please get in touch with your PBG and confirm/deny this? Thanks.

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    I just checked with my rep on this and other news, i will release some good and some not so good. Here is some: NO! Pepsi Lime/Diet Pepsi Lime is not going to die as they are still having supply and demand issues with that product line which is great news especially after being on the shelf for over a year at this point with strong sales keeping pace. People are finding out that Pepsi Lime works great on many levels such as mixing with alcoholic drinks and is great as an added refresher cool off factor plus if you have guests over and you don't have limes to add to spice up boring diet soda or cola then just stock Pepsi Lime or Diet Pepsi Lime and the tatse is quite refreshing and real with no added work of cutting, squeezing limes and waste of extra money. I am still finding Pepsi Lime sold out 12packs or one or two left with more diet available and same with the 591ml's. I know Diet Coke Lime 12packs and 2L's sell out all the time. Diet Pepsi Lime does quite well too due to it being more available in 591ml bottles everywhere, where as Diet Coke Lime is barely available anywhere in 591ml's.
    So everyone who likes Pepsi Lime/Diet Pepsi Lime, keep buying it and they will keep making it as that is how it works, I luv Pepsi Lime as an extra refreshing extra cooling soda treat. Look at the board for more news.....


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      Thanks, NCC... thanks so much... It'll be awesome to see Cherry AND Lime Pepsi in the same store. :3