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TuKola/Diet TuKola in Canada?

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  • TuKola/Diet TuKola in Canada?

    I was in Cuba this winter and since Coca-Cola and Pepsi are American companies, the resorts stock Cuban colas. They served TuKola at the resort I was at, the regular tasted like Safeway brand cola and wasn't anything special. However, I did try the Diet TuKola and much prefer that to Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi, does anyone know if it is available in Canada? I'd like to pick some up as I am attempting to reduce my pop consumption and going Diet is at least a better option for now.

    (Yes I know, there will be people who argue the chemicals in Diet pop are so much worse for you than regular pop etc. etc. However, the 0 calories is the part I like about the Diet pop. Makes it healthier for someone trying to diet.)