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(Canada) Pepsi Lime to be discontinued?

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  • (Canada) Pepsi Lime to be discontinued?

    Sorry, it's just me again. XD

    I heard a rumour that Pepsi Canada wants to discontinue Pepsi Lime. Is this true? Can anyone confirm or deny this?

    I hope not, because Pepsi Lime is one of my favourite pops. It is so refreshing and delicious when ice cold. And apparently people say it's great with alcohol (I can't confirm this lol)

    I would be very upset if I lost Pepsi Lime. I remember tasting my first one when it first came out, and falling in love with it and drinking it since. It's been a couple years now since it first came out, and I never stopped drinking Pepsi Lime and Diet Pepsi Lime. They're that good.

    Thanks, fellow Canadians....