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    Pepsi's answer to Coca-Cola's Freestyle

    Of course the year I finally decide to take a road trip that does not involve a trip thru Virginia on I-81 I see there is a machine located in Lexington, Virginia.
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    Whatcha gonna do mama now that the roast beef is gone?

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    Oh hell yeah. Finally.


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      It's cool, but I wonder why they went with such a small interface. You will have to have a separate ice dispenser. But if the screen is interactive like that on the real machines, well, that is pretty cool.

      Interesting choices for test locations. Wonder why so many are in the Albany area.

      The closest one to me is the one outside of Fredericksburg VA. 3 hour drive.

      I will have to keep checking back to see if they add additional locations.


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        does anyone know of locations for pepsi spire in the greater philadelphia area? the locator on the pepsi spire website does not seem very helpful.


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          Locator is not working. I was looking at it two weeks ago.
          Whatcha gonna do mama now that the roast beef is gone?


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            The only one in the area was somewhere in northeast philly, maybe the northern liberties neighborhood?, at a bbq shop. i havent made it there yet, but let me know if you do!


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              It's Sweet Lucy's smokehouse,
              7500 State Rd, Philadelphia, PA 19136
              I called and confirmed it's them and they do still have it.
              I'll probably trek up there this summer, but please let us know how it was (the food as well). Good luck!


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                We finally got one of these here in KC. The rebuilt a KFC-Taco Bell and put one in.