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  • Mountain Dew Solar Flare

    I tried the new mountain dew solar flare yesterday. It was at a 7 11 in Charlestown West Virginia in the fountain. I wonder if the fountain was tuned poperly because the stuff tasted nasty. There was almost no fruit punch flavor. Improperly adjusted soda fountains seems to be a constant problem at the poorly run 7 11s around here. Or else the drink is just bad.
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    7-11 fountains aren't exclusive, so I can't say off hand who is responsible for calibrating and servicing the machines. The franchisee probably doesn't even think about it. They do need to be recalibrated every once in a while.

    You can easily buy the Brix cup to do it, I've seen them on ebay. You just need the right cup, plus the right syrup separator. Here's an example (this one is actually for a bar gun).

    You remove the nozzle and diffuser from the individual tap. Put the syrup separator on in place of the nozzle, put the cup under the separator (they attach together), and dispense. When you hit the 5oz mark on the carbonated water, or the 1oz mark on the syrup, stop. If they are equal, it's calibrated. If either one is higher, you have to adjust that one downward so either less water or less syrup comes out.


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      I wish they'd bring back my favorite Mountain Dew... Pitch Black!


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        I'd like to see it come back as well. Did you like the sour one better or less? I liked it less than the regular one.


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          I tried it just to try it. So meh. Give me supernova instead.


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            I LOVE it!