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No more nice thick Aquafina plastic bottles...

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  • No more nice thick Aquafina plastic bottles...

    When I buy bottled water, as for drinking it, the only thing I look for its if it is purified, as long as it is, I'll drink it. That leaves out ergonomics though, and ergonomics is why I often buy Aquafina: namely, they continued to use their old thick plastic bottles after every one else went to paper thin bottles. I really don't like flimsy reduced weight water bottles.

    Well tonight I was in Target for something else and spotted some Aquafina and since I was needing some water, grabbed a case. Only to realize as I had it on my shoulder at the checkstand there was a message on the shrink wrap touting their new Eco-Fina lightweight bottles. Grrr. I guess it was inevitable though, surprised they lasted this long.

    Later on I bought another case of it at the grocery store, after I dug down and found they still had one case of the old style bottles. That will likely be the last case of Aquafina I buy though. Generic purified water will do just fine from now on.

    Sorry Pepsi.

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    Give me some cane sugar real Pepsi in a glass bottle... and not Throwback!

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    Beverage companies have been lightweighting packaging for years. Every gram they can squeeze out of a package's weight cuts a little cost off the price to make the beverage. A lot of the bottle redesigns have been done to shave weight off as well.

    The big thing now is removing the cardboard tray from the bottom of the case water packaging and just having the bottles shrinkwrapped. They alternate every other row of bottles in the pack for stability. I think it looks shabby and they don't stack in the same space as well.

    Coke also used to put rings on the cans inside of the 32 packs they sell at the club stores. It was 4 packs of 8. They did away with them a while ago. When we did 28 packs in Walmart they were a nightmare because the packaging was flimsy (cardboard tray with shrinkwrap). The rings would have added some stability. Or use paperboard boxes instead.


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      A lot of people still throw away plastic bottles in the trash and are too lazy to recycle them so it makes sense to use bottles with less plastic. Aquafina has been using Ecofina bottles here for quite awhile now (several years). Not that it matter to me since I don't really buy bottled water except when traveling (I use a Brita filter at home). Aquafina to me is glorified tap water and if I were to buy bottled water I'd rather buy water that comes from a spring or a mountain (Fiji, Crystal Geyser, etc).


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        Another reason for the change may have been the realization the thicker bottles weren't necessary, since it doesn't have to withstand internal pressure from carbonation.