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cases of 8 oz Dr Pepper in glass (Dublin?) at Costco

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  • cases of 8 oz Dr Pepper in glass (Dublin?) at Costco

    over the weekend, at my local Costco in San Diego, i was surprised to see a pallet of cases of what appears to be Dublin Dr Pepper (8 oz glass, cane sugar). Does anyone know, is this a regular thing, did someone pick up the Dublin production?

    Cases were $15.09 + crv/etc.

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    Dublin hasn't produced Dr Pepper in a few years. Dr Pepper Snapple Group sued them, and as a term of the settlement, they sold their DPS franchise back to DPS. They just sell their own brand of soda now, still bottled by them in their own plant.

    They are being produced by Dr Pepper Snapple in Irving, Texas, and are only in Costco in parts of CA, LV, NM, and AZ. I believe that you should also start seeing the 12oz longnecks with real sugar in 4 packs and cases, also produced in Irving. Club stores as well as regular stores.


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      excellent, good to know, i will look forward to 12-oz. We have not had those in San Diego since West Jefferson halted the shipment to CA many years ago.


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        I noticed yesterday the 8-oz glass has disappeared from Costco (at least the one nearest me). Have not seen the 12-oz yet in San Diego, just curious if anyone (fusion?) knows status? I did see some 12-oz in Illinois when I was there but nothing yet in CA. Thanks for any info.


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          I don't have any specifics, I just know they were talking about the 12oz in CA. You may have to try other stores.

          We have the 8oz glass on the east coast, but it's hfcs. boo.


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            thanks for the reply. coincidentally, the 4-packs showed up this week at a store called Haggen, which is the old Albertsons here in southern CA. I believe that our DP gets distributed via the Pepsi distributor, that's how it was a few years ago, so the 4-packs similar to what we see for Pepsi, Mt Dew, etc. and hopefully they stay. The pepsi and such have been around for a year or two now.

            interesting they are out of costco, though, in my views when they were around for about a month or two back in May, they seemed to sell well (apparently?) the pallet was usually half-empty. The only glass that seems to stay permanently is the Mexicoke.

            thanks again.