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    Hey men,

    I was out hunting for soft drinks this morning and stopped into a Shell Gas Station and found a variety of New York Seltzer Water, which I haven't seen since the 80s. I bought a Peach and it was rather good. I never knew they had brought this drink back.

    I also stopped into BevMo to get some Cherry Brandy but went back to look at the sodas and found a new Cherry Soda!! It's called "Dang That's Good Italian Cherry Soda and it's in a bottle. They had other flavors of this brand but of course all I was focused on was Cherry. I bought a few bottles and as soon as I got home I put one in my freezer for 45 minutes and I'm drinking it right now. It's very good. Significantly better than the last Cherry Soda I ordered, Baumeister, which was one of the biggest jokes I've ever tasted. This one I'm drinking now definitely has the classic Maraschino flavor that I love so much and is very carbonated. I'll be going back for more!

    I also bought several more glass bottles of Saranac Shirley Temple Soda, which is definitely one of my favorites. A good day of "hunting" for this woman!

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    Interesting story fellow cherry flavor fan. I could never get into the seltzer water stuff..don't know what is so special about it.


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      Originally posted by lordmadone View Post
      Interesting story fellow cherry flavor fan. I could never get into the seltzer water stuff..don't know what is so special about it.
      It tasted better than it did in the 80s. I don't remember being a huge fan back then but since there was a peach soda, I decided to try it. Definitely not a Peach Crush, but was pretty good.


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        I just spotted New York Seltzer yesterday when I had to take my parents to LAX for a flight. There was a random vending machine (New York Seltzer branded clear see-through vending machine) at the bottom level of the parking garage by the Tom Bradley International Terminal that had all 7 NY Seltzer flavors along with a glass bottle craft root beer and ginger ale (forgot what the brand was), some coffee and energy drink brands I've never heard of, and some Pepsi products (Pepsi, MD, Crush, Aquafina, etc). It was $2 for the NY Seltzer in 10 oz glass bottles (not cheap, but not a bad price for an airport) so I got a Peach one. It was really refreshing and good. It reminded me of a Hansens soda, if they made a peach flavor.

        I've heard of NY Seltzer being brought back and being sold online for $18 a case, but have never seen it stores before. I wish I would have taken a picture of the vending machine - it was by the one working elevator in a cramped and crowded area with a bunch of people w/ suitcases and carts. I was parked on the third floor and just went to the first floor to find a free luggage cart, and spotted the machine by chance when I was waiting for the elevator. The third level had a Pepsi clear see-through vending machine with just Pepsi products. I will be back at LAX on January 12 to pick up my parents so I will take a picture of the machine then and try the Blueberry flavor. I hope more stores start selling NY Seltzer soon and I hope I see more of these NY Seltzer vending machines.

        On another note, I also spotted Pepsi Cherry Vanilla w/ Real Sugar in 20 oz bottles at the 7-11 in the Tom Bradley Terminal arrivals level for $2.79. I didn't realize Pepsi brought back Cherry Vanilla and with real sugar. I hope other 7-11s have it at a cheaper price so I can try it.
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