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CANADA - Wild Cherry Pepsi coming back with BIG push

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  • CANADA - Wild Cherry Pepsi coming back with BIG push


    I'm here to announce that aside from Cherry Coke Zero, we're getting Wild Cherry Pepsi back for a while too. And not King Cans at Mac's. I'm talking BIG roll out of my favourite soda: 591 mL PET bottles AND 12 packs on ALL shelves.

    Pictures for proof:

    From Circle K Canada: 17191428_655522054637118_3397483938311938295_n.jpg

    And also from a Canadian Facebook fan!: 17361530_10155023804755797_8092161465710547962_n.jpg

    Guys, I think this is our moment to show Pepsi Canada that this product deserves a permanent spot on our shelves just like the U.S. gets to have. I will be buying up stock like mad. I advise any other huge Canadian fans do the same.

    Nick out.

    EDIT: Oh. It's PERMANENT now! <3
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    I'm buying it instead of regular pepsi now.

    Mixes real well with Wisers spiced whiskey, by the way. Vanilla-Cherry vibe.


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      It happens to be my all time favourite soda. Ever. Nothing comes close to Wild Cherry Pepsi. Nothing quite like an ice cold one.

      I have over 80 cans, plus 2 PET bottles.

      And because of this amazing move, I'm never buying Coke ever again. I made up a little challenge in my own little world: whoever releases their cherry cola permanently gets my business permanently. Pepsi won. And I'm glad, I was secretly biased and rooting for them.


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        Wild Cherry Pepsi with Cane Sugar is FANTASTIC. I much prefer that. Though I am not in Canada, when I can get Wild Cherry Pepsi with cane sugar, it is so worth it. YUM.


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          I tried Cherry Pepsi with cane sugar in 2013. Didn't care for it. I far prefer the original Cherry Pepsi.

          Strangely enough, no Diet Cherry Pepsi for now. I mean, I'm still on cloud nine because Cherry Pepsi's here to stay, but I can't help but be concerned for the diabetics here in Canada who won't get to enjoy the best Pepsi ever.

          Cherry Coke Zero just didn't taste as good as in the States here in Canada. Coke never really bothers with its cherry-flavoured products in this country. Always LTO. Pepsi wins yet again. Screw Coke.

          Cherry Pepsi is the exact same or maybe even a bit better than in the U.S.


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            It's funny how for some people, things are so common, we don't even think twice about them. Here in Central California, we've had Wild Cherry Pepsi for as long as I remember. For a good night time beverage, I mix it with Vodka or Whipped Cream Vodka for a cherry-whipped cream taste. I only wish that anywhere in this state, there could be just a regular Cherry or Peach soda. Fanta Cherry was the most heavenly drink I ever tasted. But of course it went "bye bye" so they can keep those ultra rare flavors that NO other soda company puts on the shelves, Orange, Grape and Strawberry. Woo-hoo!!! Such imagination, right!?!?!


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              You guys in Murrica get treated way better in terms of oddball sodas and selection in general. Canada is just not as wild (pun intended!) or adventurous. All we've had for the longest time is the regular sh!t, except in the 90's, we had a lot of the same stuff as the U.S.: Code Red, Twist Pepsi, Cherry Pepsi, Crystal Pepsi, etc. But selection has sucked major ass since about 2006-07 up here. They just aren't willing to give us choice, especially here in QC. Selection is the lowest in all of Canada. Which I don't understand because ALL those products are bilingual, just bring them! Other provinces had Cherry Dr. Pepper and Diet Coke Lime which never came to my province. So I have 2 of my favourites now in QC, and I plan to cherish them. <3 (Code Red and Cherry Pepsi)