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Sprite TropiBerry at McDonalds?

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  • Sprite TropiBerry at McDonalds?

    Haven't posted in years, but this one came not out of curiosity but frustration and you guys are always the most plugged in.

    In Delaware, we've had Fruitopia on the McDonald's fountain for years, as well as Hi-C Orange and Powerade Mountain Berry Burst.

    Fruitopia (for now) appears to be remaining,, but Hi-C Orange and Powerade are gone. You start noticing these things during a $1 any drink size promotion as the drive-through becomes your thirst go-to (especially as a parent who doesn't want to unload kids).

    Looked further into it and found some mild internet displeasure over the changes, linked to a memo:

    So July is ending. Although this story got tons of coverage at the time in late April, there is NOTHING about Sprite TropiBerry anyways else on the internet. It certainly sounded like the rollout would be beginning, and we'd see other things such as press releases or early installations, but nothing.

    A-Did Coke or McDonald's get cold feet due to the negative reaction? They did in fact remove HI-C Orange, but it seems like Fanta Orange is available at most McDonald's (I'm not sure if they had it before or not, but I'm guessing no b/c that would probably confuse people)--did they go Fanta Orange b/c it was safer?

    Thanks in advance!

    P.S. Have only gotten to do two beverage reviews so far of the numerous I've written at, so they're a little dated but here they are, any feedback is appreciated: