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Welch's Sparkling Punch Soda!!!

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  • Welch's Sparkling Punch Soda!!!

    Hello friends,

    I went to the Dollar Tree to get my Christmas cards today and was standing in line by the cold sodas and for whatever reason looked inside expecting to see all the same old boring BS, Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Welch's Grape and Strawberry... YAWWWWNNNNNN. But what I saw nearly floored me! In addition to the 20 oz. plastic bottles of Welch's Grape and Strawberry (such a rarity in flavors) I saw Welch's Pineapple and then one of my top 5 favorite soft drinks of all time, Welch's Sparkling Punch Soda! People in line looked at me funny when I said "you've got to be "expletive" kidding me"! Diabetes or not, I threw all five of the ones in the fridge in my hand cart and had one of those bad boys open the second I got in the car! It was exactly how I remember it, absolutely delicious. Far superior to Shasta Tikki Punch or store brands of Fruit Punch Soda and right there with Tahitian Treat in my book. My favorite all time soda, period, is Minute Maid Fruit Punch Soda that was around in the late 80's and early 90's when Minute Maid put out sodas. But oh happy I will be if Welch's Sparkling Punch Soda has come to California. Anytime I've had it before was because I paid a King's ransom for it online.

    Well, it's been a while since I've done my all time favorite top 10 list and maybe I'll forget one but off the top of my head, here it goes.

    1. Minute Maid Fruit Punch (The SODA) not the non-carbonated punch
    2. Fanta Cherry Soda
    3. Mr. Pibb/Pibb Extra
    4. Peach Crush
    5. Welch's Sparkling Punch Soda
    6. Stewart's Cherries and Cream
    7. Jones Cherry Soda (best maraschino cherry flavor ever)
    8. Stewarts's Lemon Meringue Soda
    9. Tahitian Treat
    10. Red Ribbon Cherry Supreme Soda

    in the running...

    Dr. Slice
    Peach Slice
    Cherry Crush (in glass bottles only) thought the canned version tasted like crap
    Pineapple Slice
    Original Lemon and Lime Slice from Taco Bell fountain
    Big K Citrus Drop (actually this belongs in my top 10 somewhere 6-10
    Shasta Black Cherry
    Mountain Dew
    Mt. Dew Baja Blast (not the cans) but from the fountain at Taco Bell
    Shasta Strawberry Peach (early 90's)
    Sprecher's Cream Soda
    Sunkist Peach
    Sunkist Cherry Limeade
    Jolly Rancher Cherry Soda
    Mt. Dew Pitch Black
    Diet Cheerwine
    Welch's Peach

    Biggest disappointment ever:

    Baumeister Cherry Soda (tastes like Big Red Soda)

    Any Filbert's soda in bottles. Yuck