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  • Squirt

    i have just recently tried squirt, i like it, but it tastes like sprite with lime juice added.

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    If you like Squirt, then try Faygo's 60/40 and see how you like that in comparison. It's quite good, although not sweet enough in my opinion. Also, on that note, if you like Dr Pepper, try Faygo's Dr Faygo. This one is very good and tastes very much like Dr Pepper.


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      Here Squirt is available everywhere... and is good actually!... there's also a new extension of Squirt called "Squirt Citrus" that is a mix of lemon, mandarin, orange and grapefruit, but it's available in few areas only... I haven't tried it yet...


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        Squirt is the best soda everrrrr!


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          Squirt is a very good soda in my opinion, I am a huge fan of it.


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            I've spent summers living off of Squirt and Ruby Red Squirt. Ever since I was a kid, Squirt has been one of my favorites. It is refreshing and has a sour kick that is just right to take the edge off on a hot summer day. I still think it is odd, since I hate regular grapefruit, but love this drink; maybe it's the sugar content. The Ruby Red has a better flavor, but isn't as well stocked in most places.

            I really want to try that Squirt Citrus!


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              I like Squirt as well, Diet Squirt isn't bad at all either.

              I never tried the Ruby Red Squirt though, I did see it at the grocery store the other day so I might buy it to try it out soon.