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  • Diet Coke Plus

    The Diet Coke and Plus logos don't mesh nicely
    Looks like a google like mashup up, you got the original brand and then you have different colors for the word plus. I am not sure if colors are symbolic of vitamins, the search for the answer continues.

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    Original brand with different colors, different sweetners...doesn't sound like Diet Coke "plus" vitamins. Sounds like a different product formulation all together. Plus, who is really thinking to themselves "I wish my soda had some vitamins in it." OR "I would drink more soda if it had vitamins/minerals in it." Those Coke execs just don't get it.

    I wish my Snickers bar was fortified with...


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      CStoreCatMan is it a new product formulation for coke or has someone else done this before coke?


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        I don't know that it is a new formulation at all. The point is that the new product is called "Diet Coke Plus." However, it is not simply the original Diet Coke formulation with vitamins added (as the name would imply)...Coke changed the sweetners used in Diet Coke Plus and they are not the same as what is in Diet Coke. This results in a different flavor and ultimately a "variation" of Diet Coke.


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          The sweetener profile is the same they use in the "flavored" diet Coke variations (along with Sprite Zero and most of the other diet/Zero sodas).. aspartame + acesulfame potassium (ace-k).


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            not thrilled

            Tried this back when it first came out. Wasnt thrilled with the taste. Nothing against the concept however, if your gonna drink a can of salt water it may as well have some nutritional value.

            LIQUIDS ARE GOOD!