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    I looked back at other posts regarding Nielsen data and many people have asked for it before on this forum. But yet no one has ever really posted numbers. I don't plan on posting up information that companies pay for.

    I forgot about the milk thistle, that has to be why it tastes so bad. Who cares about Milk Thistle? Crunk has horny goat weed, ashwaganda, skull cap, and white willow bark in it. Does that make Crunk any good? NO! It still sucks.

    Wasn't this topic on No Fear? Did I not post up that I don't like the taste of No Fear?

    Why don't you start a new topic and make it a poll, who likes the taste of Rockstar. Then we can go into more about Rockstar.

    Ok, serious question. Is Rockstar Cola still being distributed and is it still being produced? Do any Coke distributors sell it or do your west coast guys sell it?


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      RS Cola is produced and distributed exclusively in No. Cal and the Northwest.

      Great product but last time I checked Coca Cola cornered the market on cola's and will be darned if they are going to distribute another Cola produced and owned by an independant company.


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        From Beverage Industry Magazines Nov. 2005 issue.

        Category Focus: Top Energy Drinks by Brand.

        Red Bull #1

        Rockstar #2

        Monster #3


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          That makes sense why coke doesn't touch rockstar cola.

          Is there a link yet for that article from bev industry mag?


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            they still got the Oct. issue up

            November should be up soon I guess.


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              yeh i looked at the october issue.

              i will keep looking.


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                Rockstar Cola isn't really appealing to the masses though, it's strictly an energy drink, so you'd think Coke would have no problem distributing it... but eh, whatever.

                And is their a full list in that issue or just a top 3?


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                  I think there is a full list. I don't have the mag in hand, a friend did and read it to me over the phone. Should be available online very soon.


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                    Red Bull, Rockstar, and Monster are great examples of how marketing and image in the energy drink business are much more important than taste.

                    Von Dutch is trying a go at it, but it has the same horrible sour-bubblegum flavor that the others have, and is just too late to grab a marketing foothold, because yes, that's all it takes.

                    Sobe No Fear is gaining speed, sure. I can only hope that people are starting to realize that energy drinks don't have to taste bad, and are starting to go with the Sobe drinks and a handful of others.

                    Rockstar's distribution may have skyrocketed, but everywhere I go I see shelves and shelves of Rockstar with no cans missing. Maybe it's not popular in Washington DC?

                    It's no surprise to me that it's becoming harder and harder to find Rockstar cola, because I, as a huge cola fan, find it disgusting.

                    This thread was started as a qualitative one and turned into a quantitative one. Let's get back to the subject. What do people think of these beverages?

                    SEV [img]redface.gif[/img]


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                      I can't find Rockstar Cola anywhere, much to my dismay.

                      I love No Fear and Adrenaline Rush... but I feel they don't give me enough of a boost. It's really hard to see how Monster and Rockstar are that high up with that taste! Im not sure I like how all the energy drinks are becoming 16oz now, I hold a special place in my heart for 8.4oz cans, because I KNOW that it's an energy drink.
                      Something about those cans just sits right with me.


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                        I very much dislike the trend that's making 8oz go to 16oz.

                        If anything, normal soda should be in 16oz bottles, and all energy drinks should stay in 8oz(and go down in price).

                        SEV [img]smile.gif[/img]


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                            Well just about every 8 oz. energy drink isn't doing so well, except Red Bull. Anyone that comes out with a new energy drink in an 8 oz. can is just crazy. The 16 oz. and 24 oz. can is where 95% of the category growth is. Most of the big players have dropped or are changing their 8 oz. cans over to 16 oz. so they can compete against all the other 16 oz. Amp is going to the tall boy Amp, Sobe Adrenaline Rush hasn't grown at all, KMX died a while ago.....the list goes on and on.


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                              So now you'll be able to buy a 16oz AMP? This confuses me since Pepsi also has MDX(is that a 14oz or 16oz bottle?) Isn't MDX just AMP with less the caffeine and a slightly different taste?

                              Way to go, Pepsi.



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                                I think MDX is just half Amp and half Mountain Dew. As far as I know Amp Tall Boy is out west now. It will be showing up in other parts of the country soon after the new year. I think there is an article somewhere on bevnet about it.