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Beware of Brooklyn Bottling !

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  • Beware of Brooklyn Bottling !

    I want all members to be aware of Brooklyn Bottling. I used these people
    to fill for me one time and one time was enough. We had to throw away thousands of improperly filled cans. Their response has been ... Oh well sorry. Do business with these people at your own risk !!! Beware !

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    Do you need a new bottler? I can help.


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      Sure... who do you have in mind and where are they located.


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        Had you asked about Brooklyn Bottling on the board I could have told you to stay away from this dishonest company. Their reputation of poor quality, thievery and skullduggery goes back years. I know of no one in the industry who has a single good thing to say about Brooklyn Bottling, on the contrary people have bad things to say.
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          Very Scary !

          I wish I knew then what I know now. How these people stay in business I have no idea. Brooklyn Bottling is a very scary operation folks, now I am off to talk to my lawyer.


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            What to look for in a good co-packer

            1) Size of the Company/years in business
            -Are they new to the business or have they shown stability for a number of years?

            2) Their Customers
            -Do they co-pack for any top brands?

            3) Accreditation
            -Are they independently audited?

            4) People
            -From the top down, are they responsive to your needs?

            When we first started with Brooklyn Bottling four years ago, we had our problems. We used other co-packers and guess what? --Problems with them too.

            It is the nature of copacking. One has to understand there is going to be a learning curve on both ends. You deal with it. You have confidence in your product and you work together with your copacker to get it right. It's tough because it's going to cost you money. However, it also costs the copacker money. They expend manpower, machinery, etc. If they're not running right, they are also losing money.

            My experience with Brooklyn has been one of building partnership over the years.

            I went with them and continue to use them because they are large and established (I am guessing north of $150 million in revenues and 30 years in business). They private label for the top five chains in the Northeast. They bottle their own brands. They are Gold Accredited by Sillker labs. They added PET manufacturing and a can line, which provides options for us. And the people there are great (we know every one of them because we still go to every run).

            Today, our runs at Brooklyn are efficient and the product tastes fantastic. They hit the brix we need. The pH we have to have--basically, all our quality standards. And, if any product comes out below qualit, of course we fight, but if it's their fault, the own up to it.

            Experiences are different for different people, I thought it important to add mine to this thread.

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              sorry to hear about that SCP, hope it works out for you...
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                Well Inko it sounds like you have had a good glass experience. Let me tell you my experience. We have contacted Brooklyn numerous times and provided them samples, pictures, etc... of thousands of leaking and half filled 16 ounce cans and so far they have done NOTHING about it. We have distributors across the country with leaking product all over their warehouses and they have had no response. I have incurred huge losses and all I have asked for is my money back for a run they did not do properly.
                Am I somehow not being fair ???


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                  bottling review website

                  How about a bottling review website?


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                    Thank you illusion... I am waiting with my attorney to see how Brooklyn Bottling handles this situation and will post on Monday. I will post my experience on that site as well.


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             what happened???
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                        Hi deepenergy... I will give you a complete and total update on Friday
                        July 27th at 5:00pm. Thanks for asking I look forward to giving you and all the members of this board a complete update.


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                          All past issues with Brooklyn Bottling have been resolved to our satisfaction.


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                              That is very good to hear.
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