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Coca-Cola Co.'s frustrating new cap design

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    Soda isn't meant to be recapped. You take the cap off, then you drink it. End of story.

    I don't have that option anyway, with as many sodas as I have and all being in glass. I have two options, pry off the top and have it never fit another bottle again, or try and rethread a cap back on a glass bottle, and you think the new plastic caps are hard..ha

    Nothing hits the spot like soda in a glass bottle taken right out of the ice. With most being 8-12 ounces, there's no need to recap, it's usually gone in two gulps.


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      I am writing from europe and looking for the real dimension of the cap as soon as possible!! Pleaseeeee
      I am developing a CSR project and I should now expecially:

      the height's dimension
      the diameter 's dimension
      the exact number of millings on the cap

      Please reply to:

      Please be so kind enough to help me!!
      thanks in advance


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        Some areas are using these caps on 2 liters now as well. We received a shipment of Coke Zero 2 liters from Nashville TN (CCBCC), and they had the short caps on them.


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          I personally liked the look of the 'low profile" cap on the small (20 oz.) bottle.

          I predict a lot of damaged product with the new cap on 2 Ltr. though, it does not seem like it would take much pressure to pop it off if jarred or dropped.
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            Surprisingly, I haven't seen an increase in damaged product or misapplied caps. Even the ornament bottles this year have the small caps, and 2 liters in some areas use them as well now.


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              I see Pepsi is getting in the act too, with a smaller cap on the PET bottles. here's a comparison photo I just threw together:

              Give me some cane sugar real Pepsi in a glass bottle... and not Throwback!


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                Pepsi caps were crap when the facility we get our product from started using them. The machine that actually put the caps on wasn't calibrated right and it would bent the plastic ring inside the cap. The product would be flat by the time it left the warehouse due to an improper seal. Since the machine was fixed there really isn't any more breakage than what we had before, although as stated before it doesn't take much to knock one of the caps loose.
                If what you did yesterday still looks big, you haven't done much today.


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                  Yeah, those new Pepsi caps I've noticed use kind of a flare type seal, with no padded plastic insert glued up inside the cap like there used to be. Doesn't take much to break the seal on these new ones. Although I've yet to find a flat bottle with them yet.
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                  Give me some cane sugar real Pepsi in a glass bottle... and not Throwback!


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                    Pretty much everyone is using these caps now - Cott, Pepsi, Coke, DPSBG. Canada Dry Honickman seems to be the holdout around here, though they do get 16.9oz 6pks from DPSBG-Columbus OH, which uses the short caps.