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  • Bawls

    I tried Bawls ( for the first time yesterday, this caffeine enhanced drink has a cool blue glass bottle and is clear, its tasty and its full of caffeine. This is one drink that I went back to the store and bought a case of it!

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    Hey you're not the first one who did that; I actually had someone drive up to my warehouse and fill their Toyota with 22 cases of Bawls!! And they even bought also a mixed case of all sorts of odds & ends; spent like an hour at the warehouse and told me to call them if I'm ever down to just a pallet of Bawls so they can be sure to pop over and snag some in case it's out of stock for a few days!!

    Tomorrow I'm delivering 7 cases to an office building; a consortium purchase of people in those little subdivision computer workstation places...

    And believe it or not... steakhouses, man! It's the only energy drink that really moves at steakhouses because Brazilians like it too.
    Keep in mind that the King Of Pop\'s crown is not made from a bunch of melted aluminum cans!


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      We just got Bawls in here not too long ago, and it started moving. Meanwhile, our distributor got it yanked a couple of months ago and he introduced us to XTZ and it wasn't the same. Until...we started giving XTZ to our energy-drink loving customers to try, and it seems about 10 times more powerful than Bawls (and tastes decent, too). Now it is really moving, so my money is on XTZ, thank you.


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        Don't worry, Bawls will be back in your area very soon. Yeah, the X drinks are a pretty good line of drinks, but the XTZ Tea may be in some trouble. If ephedra gets banned or yanked, Ma Huang is likely to go with it. So yeah, XTZ does seem like its more potent, but its just the meth-like substance that you are getting wired on. But I am glad you found something to keep your and your friends awake untill Bawls is relanched again in your area. You should hopefuly be able to find it in your Albertsons stores also in the very near future.


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          Yeah, have heard about the possible ban on ephedra. I understand XTZ doesn't have much in it, anyway, but we'll see. As for Bawls, I'm aware the obnoxious Jones distributor (yecch) is going to start carrying it, and we won't deal with him. We have already weaned most of our customers off it anyway. A drink called Lolli's Cherry Pop is getting popular for us real fast. The women especially love it.


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            Well, the you will know were to get it from. Sorry you have problems with the local dist., I guess we can't please everybody. Lollies is a good drink, as is the founder of the drink. Shes a great girl, maybe you could get her to come up sometime and help push the product in your store. As for the X drinks, no, they got quite a bit of ma huang. The creator of Drinks that Work (now gizo), and former creator in Odwala, loved the XTZ Tea. He was very familiar with all the herbs and he loved his own formula for his energy booster. But he could not believe how much Ma Huang was in the Tea. Anyway, glad you tried Bawls, and I guess now you will know what you will be missing. But just remember, not everywere Bawls is sold does the dist. cary the evil Jones drink.