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    However, the Thai version is not licensed to be sold in the US and therefore is subject to confiscation by US Customs.
    weeeird...I just bought a case of 50 from my local oriental food market...So if Im POSITIVE that I bought them..because Im enjoying one w/ a lil tater' vodka as we speak, then it seems strange that they arent licenced to be sold in the us...especially when theyve got nutritional info labeled on the side in eng... Seems like they would have gone through a lot of effort to sell them in a place theyre arent licenced to be sold..Conspiracy??? ***queue x-files music***


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      I know a lot of Thai version drinks are avalible here in the US and are legal. I do know the caffiene amount is higher than what the FDA allows, so there must be some sort of loophole or something to allow it here.


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        My guess is that Thai Red Bull is sold in the US as a 'dietary supplement' and not a beverage, as it is in Canada. Dietary supplements are normally not subject to same regulations.


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          yesterday I put a kratingdaeng 150ml bottle in my freezer to make it real cold. I forgot about it, and left it there for about an hour and a half until i returned home. I then took it out, and looked at the bottle. To my suprise it was still completely liquid. so, I gave it a little shake to get ready for consumption, and it instantly froze into a solid piece. weird stuff.

          krat rules!


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            is it legal 2 sell the other red bull version in the usa


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              Originally posted by <BigDaddy>:
              Does anyone truly know the ingredient list in the Thai version of Red Bull?

              My wife finds that a bottle a day completely clears up her morning sickness. However, if it is laced with caffeine like the US version, obviously we would avoid it.

              Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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                Hi Big Daddy,

                I am concerned to hear that your pregnant wife is drinking Thai Red Bull, which is much much stronger than normal Red Bull. After the deaths of an Irish student and 3 Swedish people which have been linked to drinking normal strength Red Bull, the Food Safety Protection Board put together a report which you can read by following this link:


                The report makes the following recommendation:
                stimulant drinks should be labelled with an indication that they are unsuitable for pregnant women, children (under 16 years of age), and individuals sensitive to caffeine.

                Hope this helps, all the best


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                  Krating Daeng, the original Red Bull is the historical drink of Muay Thai fighters and the Thai army, the symbols of the bulls are a Buddist symbol that is hundreds of years old, it cannot be copyrighted, try and copyright the "cross" or a "swastica", it cannot be done. Red Bull Austria is owned by the original Krating Daeng company in Thailand, a Thai pharmaceutical company that owns 51% and control of Red Bull Gmbh Austria. Krating Daeng (Thai Red Bull) was sold in the US before Red Bull Austria opened up its office in Santa Monica California, the Austrian subsidiary company was already so powerfull it lobbied the FDA to stop the import of the Thai version on the grounds it contained FDC Yellow, a proibited food coloring that causes cancer (the same coloring that M&Ms candies used), thus the FDA notified Customs to stop the shipments. The importers were mostly Thais living in Los Angeles and saw what they up against, Red Bull Gmbh with its hot shot lawyers could not be stopped. The parent company in Thailand, didn't really care because regardless of which product is in the market, they make money, whether its the original version or the Austrian version, the profits get back to them anyway. Canada does not recognize Yellow #5 as harmful which is why in Canada you can buy Thai Red Bull or Austrian red bull at any supermarket or club...The ingredients are almost the same except the Austrian version is diluted with soda water and a drastic decrease in Vitamin B, and of course the yellow coloring was removed otherwise they wouldn't be able to sell in the US.


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                    Originally posted by <BigDaddy>:
                    Does anyone truly know the ingredient list in the Thai version of Red Bull?

                    My wife finds that a bottle a day completely clears up her morning sickness. However, if it is laced with caffeine like the US version, obviously we would avoid it.

                    Any information would be greatly appreciated.
                    Luckily my husband buys heaps of this stuff so i have a bottle handy with the ingredients from the 'genuine' stmaped lable.

                    Active Ingredients:

                    Niacin 0.13mg/ml
                    Pantothenic Acid 0.033mg/ml
                    Vitamin B60.02mg/ml

                    Water Sugar

                    so i'm just assuming that it doesn't contain caffiene. It also says consult a doctor for pregnant women. I'm breastfeeding and drink about 1 or 2 a week and have seen no adverse effects in my baby and morning sickness mine sucked! GOOD LUCK WITH YOURS!!!


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                      Just me and with respect and good intentions; IMO it might be a good idea to ask your doctor both OBGYN and pediatrician for their feedback if this beverage has any danger to your baby or yourself during your period of breast feeding.
                      Don't worry, be happy. Meher Baba


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                        HERE ARE THE FACTS:

                        Thai Red Bull is made by a company called T.C. Pharmaceuticals. Thai Red Bull is not made by Osostspa. Osostspa makes M-150, Shark bottle, and Shark Can.

                        Thai Red Bull contains among other things: 50mg Caffeine, 800mg Taurine, and 24g of sugar per 150ml bottle.

                        Thai Red Bull is the ORIGINAL Red Bull. T.C. Pharmaceuticals invented Red Bull and the Double-Bull Design. The Red Bull cans we have in North America are made by Red Bull GmbH Austria. The president of Red Bull Austria visited Thailand years ago and asked TC Pharmaceuticals for distributuion rights of Red Bull in the rest of the world. TC agreed and in exchange holds 51% of Red Bull GmbH Austria.

                        This means that TC Pharmaceuticals in Thailand, keeps 100% of profits from the sales of Thai Red Bull AND 51% of the profits from sales of canned Austrian-made Red Bull that we see every day.

                        The Austrians have made Red Bull popular worldwide and are still frustrated that this Thai company gets most of the profits however they cannot do anything about it.

                        The Red Bull we see every day is a watered down, carbonated and canned version of the original 150ml bottled Thai Red Bull, invented in Thailand by T.C. Pharmaceuticals. The name Red Bull and that Double-Bull Design are costing the Austrians 51% of their profits every year.

                        T.C. Pharmaceuticals of Thailand and Red Bull GmbH of Austria are legally 2 separate companies. One is simply a majority shareholder of the other. T.C does not get involved at all with distribution or marketing of Red Bull Austria's product.

                        I entirely agree with energydude that Americans should buy American made energy drinks. Red Bull is imported into the US in 40ft containers from Austria. Should Americans have to pay more money to cover a foreign company's ocean shipping and marketing costs? NO. BUY AMERICAN AND SUPPORT YOUR NATION.

                        If you like the non-carbonated syrupy taste of the original Thai Red Bull, look out for 100%American made Rage Liquid Energy. If not, you still have 850+ American energy drinks to choose from!


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                          hi...i was wondering if anyone can help me!

                          i have a university project where i have to re-brand red bull for 45-50 year old men.

                          does anyone have any ideas on how i can do this?
                          i have a few ideas, but i would appreciate any further help that anyone can give me!

                          thank you
                          Tell your teacher to cancel the project because if you start drinking Red Bull young enough, you won't live to be 45-50 anyway!

                          This Austrian made crap is made by a company that does not care about the health of Americans and continues to push their junk even after 5 people died from drinking Red Bull.