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  • Red Bull Thai Ingredients

    Does anyone truly know the ingredient list in the Thai version of Red Bull?

    My wife finds that a bottle a day completely clears up her morning sickness. However, if it is laced with caffeine like the US version, obviously we would avoid it.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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    All I know is that the Thai is more of a concentrate, so it has more caffiene than the normal version. That is at least what I have found with other Thai style energy drinks.


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      Red Bull is a foreign made product and is not made according to FDA Guidelines. I would be wary of any product not produced in the USA and according to those guidelines. Anyway, I am proud to be an American and I buy American when I choose which energy drink to buy.


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        I didn't think there were FDA guidelines for energy drinks... And where's the bottle produced? Mexico?


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          I am so glad that very soon Xtrem will be made in the USA.

          Infact it could be in the next couple of weeks or so.

          We think it is important to manufacture our products in the same country if not continent where they are going to be sold. There are many reasons for us to do this, one being to give something back to the country (continent) we are selling in.

          I hope this means that one day Energydude would give it a try [img]smile.gif[/img]


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            In case anyone cares, no food products in the US really have FDA approval nor are they required to have it. That is reserved for drugs and supplements that make medical claims. I guarantee that Sum Poosie doesn't have FDA approval. The process is tedious, takes many years to receive approval, and bottom line: Sum Poosie doesn't make any medical claims. Sum Poosie, like Red Bull, like the majority of consumable goods out there have GRAS status (Generally Recognized As Safe.)

            Sidenote: When you talk about US-made products being better, keep in mind that most food products that are produced here and sent to Europe are required to undergo more rigorous testing and safety screenings than food products that are produced here for consumption in the US.


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              Yes fusion there are guidlines for beverages look it up! Do you think you are allowed to stuff anything you want in an energy drink and it is ok?
              SumPoosie is made and bottled in the USA. Even the glass is from the USA. We follow the guidelines to a tee!!! The problem is these foreign drinks follow no guidelines at all. For example explain to me why some energy drinks have a thousand mg of taurine in a single serving??? The FDA claims 28mg. is safe. Show me one study that says 1000mgs. are safe. Good luck.


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                Actually, there is no Recommended Daily Allowance listed for Taurine. 1000 mg is 1 gram and your body naturally maintains between 60 to 70 grams of Taurine a day. Taurine is found naturally in most meat products. And the FDA recommends Taurine to be included in infant formula which they do regulate.

                The reality is that no product would be legal to sell in the US if it didn't qualify for GRAS status. Anyway, you speak of "foreign drinks": ie Red Bull, as if you invented the category. If there had never been a Red Bull there never would have been a Sum Poosie, and we would have been spared your deluded and unsolicited rantings.


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                  For Energydude's information.

                  Xtrem USA version has different quantity ingredients than the European version. Why you may ask? It's very simple, there are regulations as to what quantity levels are accepted for each ingredient. It just so happens that most of the ingredients are less in the USA version.

                  I think that saying "The problem is these foreign drinks follow no guidelines at all" not only is wrong but offensive.

                  If everyone thought like you then there would be no international trade at all.

                  The way you sometimes talk is as if there is no other drink worth having on the planet. I just wonder how many cups of water, orange juice, Coke, Pepsi ETC you have every week.


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                    Once again this has turned into a attack. These foreign drinks follow no guidelines that the FDA sets for the American public. My point is RB and the like are allowed to be sold here but do not follow those guidelines. I think it is not only unfair but even dangerous. All I can say is buy American. RB did not invent the energy drink they just brought it to America and convinced them it was worth 32 dollars per gallon. [img]tongue.gif[/img]


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                      As I said on my previous post. There are regulations as to what ingredients and how much quantity is aloud for that ingredient. There are no dangers if you drink Xtrem, unless of course every single energy drink in the USA is dangerous to drink.

                      Energydude started the attack not me. I am totally for having plenty for the consumer to chose from otherwise we would get into the situation where quality would get worst and not better.

                      We are also going to manufacture our drink in the USA. Does that mean if our energy drink does not follow the correct guidelines that our can manufacturer (in the USA) flavour company (in the USA) and co-packer (in the USA) do not follow the guidelines?


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                        There are levels of caffiene and other ingrediants that do have caps. It does range differently from each country. Past that, I don't really know what the deal is.


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                          uhhhhhhhhhh..... Xtreme .... I am not attacking you at all or anyone else. I am simply stating what Ron said. The FDA does have guidelines for energy drinks and drinks outside the USA do not follow these guidelines so be careful you could be getting more than you expect.


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                            The FDA does not have specific guidelines for energy drinks. They have recommended dosages for some of the popular ingredients in energy drinks, namely caffiene. They are currently investigating the energy drink category and its safety, however this pertains almost exclusively with their use as a mixer; which makes Sum Poosie just as much a target as Red Bull.

                            There is not enough known about Taurine to make a mandate regarding any specific amount. Bottom line, if any energy drink or beverage in general violated any FDA standard, it would be pulled off the shelves, period. Attacking "foreign" energy drinks with ignorant statements that you have no way of supporting with factual information is juvenile. You have actually no idea what you are talking about, and you prove it more and more with every post you write. It's the so-called "foreign" energy drinks that created a category for you to leech off of in the first place.



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                              Coco.... thanks for the personal attack! Once again I am saying that there are guidelines and SumPoosie follows those FDA guidelines. Red Bull for example does not. You say there are not enough studies on Taurine.... I AGREE !!! Why do you want to drink 1000mg of the stuff??? My point is simple... be careful what you drink if it was not made in the USA, you might get more than you bargained for. Besides, there is nothing wrong with buying products made in the USA. I believe the FDA guideline for Taurine is 28 mg. if anyone knows otherwise let me know.