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  • Want To Be A Distributor In Turkey

    I want to be a Distributor of an energy drink in Turkey. The market is growing fast and there are many brands(over 40). Red Bull was in the market but it has gone and I think other new brands couldn't take it's place either their tastes and designs or ads.

    I have four brands in my mind which can take the place of Red Bull in Turkey.

    (Red Bull did not go because of its sales were low, it was the leader of the market, there some other reasons.)

    One of the brands I think is Xtrem (if they choose me of course)

    And the others are Impulse, Hype, Monster

    Can you give advices to me if possible?

    Thanks for your attention and sorry for this long writing [img]smile.gif[/img] )

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    Red Bull is not in Turkey probably for one reason and one reason only, the quantity levels for almost all its ingredients are too high for Turkey.


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      Check out XS drinks