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Brand New Energy Drink Like no Other!

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  • Brand New Energy Drink Like no Other!

    I am new here and would like to say hello. My name is Heidi and I am the new product manager for Think Pink Energy Drink..... NO Carbs, No Sugar, No Calories..... just great taste. If Anyone is interested in distribution please let me know! Thank you all!

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    Nice to (kinda) meet you.
    A little advice....register so you can be taken a bit serious, unlike your counterpart "energy'pusher'".


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      Heidi can you please send me a case and any POS that you have and another T Shirt my son loves it.
      I also need info on how many to a skid/truck etc..


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        Who in the HELL does business on a message board? are a complete joke!... requesting product/shipment info here? ever heard of a phone or a live meeting? or maybe your company cant afford a long distance line for you and airline tickets are way out of the question.

        Freakin JOKE!


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          Like I need your business advice Toby??? I got my T-shirt and my info thanks to this board. I didn't have her number with me... pardon me for using the "board" to help me do business. By the way Heidi thank you!