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  • Guru energy drinks

    Has anyone seen Guru energy drinks . It's a 12 oz. red can . I was told it really tastes bad . But also that it really kicks in .


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    Well, it's an energy drink - the taste is rather generic on the fruity side, but I wouldn't say it tastes bad. The kick comes from the high guarana content, equivalent to approx. 125 mg of caffeine for 8 oz.


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      Around here its in 8oz cans. I quite enjoy it.


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        It's been around a while in the Toronto area. I had it about a year ago and still have a bad aftertaste. Almost like a wine gone bad.


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          You can tell it's got a lot of medicinal ingredients that's for sure.


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            For some reason this one sells real well in Montreal where I live. Probably because the company is located here and this was the first energy drink in Canada. The problem with Guarana only formulations is that Guarana tastes like crap. If theyr'e using 10% Guarana standardized to get their 125mg caffeine, that's 1250mg of Guarana = horrible taste.
            Still sells second to Red Bull in many Montreal convenience stores, because of customer loyalty to an established local brand. Red Bull has entered the Canadian market just over a year ago and is bullying Canadian brands. I think they should have stayed in Austria where they came from.
            Canadians should support local brands.