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    Jones out of vans was a lot of fun. Cargo van, had to fill it up everyday. 40 cases of energy drinks in the back. Jones juice just behind it. And about 120 cases of Jones filling up the rest of the van. Started it when i worked with Jones while we were trying to fix a bad situation that 7-up started (they only carried 5 skus of the 19 and let 40% of existing accounts fall through). Lots of fun, but broken bottles of Cream Soda are not fun to find when you stick your hands in the case.
    EnergyKing...worked at 7-11 from age 8-14 (my dad owned some 7-11 stores). From 15-18 I worked for Southland Corp. in their corporate stores were a year and a half in I became the beverage buyer for the store. Went on to work for a new start up distributor. After a year became sales manager. Had top numbers in company of 8 sales reps. And top Jones sales in CA. Parent company shut us down to concentrate on their So. Cal. operation. Went to work for a San Francisco Beer House for 5 months untill Jones Soda hired me on as Alt. Accounts Manager. 6 months in was named Van Team Regional Sales Manager. Set up Van teams in my area and trained others in their area. 5 months later Jones laid off 80% of their Southwest Sales team (only kept a few people who were paid less than the rest of us). Went to work for BAWLS for 3 years. Started out as California Regional Sales Manager. year and a half later was named West Coast Regional sales manager. Quit because of new marrage and new kid on the way. Did not want to contiune to travel every other week. Now work for Geyser beverage and sell RB.
    You also said we only carry RB because its the top, so why dont we carry more brands? My house started with many other brands and droped them after RB took off. Owner saw profits and ran with them. We sell about 40000 cases per month, a lot more than almost every other house. These other houses carry RB, but also carry other brands, even other energy drinks. Its a numbers game. Get what you can. Dont settle on one brand and run with it. Especially if that one brand does not even make up 1% of the energy drink sales.


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      How many vans are you running if you dont mind me asking?


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        Am I running now? 1, just my van...1 of 13 vans. Did I run with my old distributor? 5 With Jones? we had 5. Easiest is now because I only worry about my van, and I dont have to load or unload it. But with the distributor it was fun with more Skus and fighting over whose accounts are more important and why you need the last 5 cases of Jones Green Apple.