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    I tried Sum Poosie today for the first time and 2 days ago had Bawls.

    Now Bawls is a quality beverage. Nice package and it was similar to one of my favorites Sprite. To bad I'd have to drive 40 minutes for it. If any distributors or storeowners in Pittsburgh read this, bring some Bawls to the South Hills area and it will sell like food in Somalia. This glass bottle is a great container.

    SP has a good taste; it's just that if they dropped the porno people off of the bottle, they might be a little bit more presentable. I looked like a pervert walking out of Sunoco with this drink, but I have to say it has taste. Edude, you do have a good tasting product, but needs new deco to be accepted by the masses. If they dropped Sum from the name and just put a cat on the bottle it may be better adjusted to be in more markets.

    "I bent my wookie" ~RW


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      I find it interesting that you find Poosie over the top but thousands of Movie Theatres had MEET THE FOCKERS plastered all over the place??? Meet the Fockers is ok but somehow Poosie is too much?
      All my friends love the product and really get a kick out of it. It is meant to be sold where liquor is sold. Any one that has been in a bar for the last 25 years has been able to buy a blow job, screaming orgasm, or sex on the beach...... is SumPoosie any worse??? I think not.


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        Edude. Did I say that it tasted like poop? No. I said that it was rather tasty. Now if you read a little bit more carefully you would see that I BOUGHT IT AT A GAS STATION. Where you intended it to be sold and where it is ACUTALLY SOLD are two totally different things.

        For your "Meet the Fockers" story, the movie almost wasn't called "Meet the Fockers" unless they could find a family with the last name Focker. I feel sorry for that California family. Did Fockers have Jenna Jamison bent over in a suggestive position? Hmm, no it didn't. It was a last name with an expletive sound. Porn and swearing are two different issues. Don't get them confused.

        In your case, I was making a suggestion, not a demand, that Poosie have another label that wasn't as aggressive as the other bottle. Just like Jane's Addiction had two album covers for Ritual de la Habitatual, (one with Jesus on the cross and the other was a white cover for example) the two alternatives gave the band more markets to hit instead of just one that accepted their cover. I'm just making a suggestion of a way to perhaps boost sales but run your company how you want to. I think the taste is there, just the label won't fly in every store, nor do you want it to.

        With that said I tried Coke's Lime and was pleasantly surprised to learn the two flavors (Coke and Lime) do not go together. Try at your own risk, perhaps your taste buds are different than mine and will find the taste appealing.