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  • Energy # 1

    In my country the first energy drink is RB and I think it is almost everywhere, but what about the second energy drink ?

    Probaby it is Power Horse here ( I live in Dubai )
    What is the second energy drink in your country do you think ??

    Also what do you think of Go Fast ??


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    Well, good to see Red Bull is even big in...wait, where do you live?


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      I just said I live in Dubai ( United Arab Emirates ) that is in the Middle East.

      So what do you think guys about Number 2 Energy Drink ?


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        Rockstar Energy Drink


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          If your going off of taste, I might go with Pimp Juice. Rockstar is too big of a can for me to enjoy. I start with a smile, but after I drink enough of the Cherry Dr. Pepper on PCP, I tend to gang near the end of the can, that is if I finish it.

          Sales wise, I give it to Rockstar. I'd like to get a try of Sum Possy. I heard from a real person that the drink tasted good.

          In Pittsburgh we don't have much of a choice, other than Red Bull and the occasional Rockstar but I'd like to see more of a choice in the clubs with the energy drinks available. And I thought you had it tough in the UAE.


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            In Texas...Monster 16oz


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              I think the second best energy drink is Power Horse.

              We also have Wild Horse, Blue OX and something called V I think.

              I have not heard anything about Go Fast yet ??

              Also what do you think a good addition to the market we have ?

              waiting for your replies guys



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                E, where are you located?


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                  I'm from Dubai ( United Arab Emirates ).

                  probably this forum is for US market, but It's really very useful for me and I'm learning alot of you guys


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                    Hi, in our country "GERMANY" and the Nr. 2 Energy Drink ist EFFECT. Have a look a



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                      i heard that power-horse was the #2 in germany and effect was like #10.


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                        I went to Germany two years ago and I can tell you RedBull is the first, but still not sure about the second.

                        How dose Effect taste ?


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                          There needs to be a deeper understanding first of all that such a question needs to be framed in context. Unless you are just whipping up a topic for a spirited conversation it is otherwise a pointless endeavor to postulate about one brand or another without responsible empirical data. Then from the standpoint of making postulations about a brand from scientifically obtained data becomes the issue of interpretation. In the final analysis subjectivity tends to be the viral element that seeks to infect any objective study of examining what are actually the real questions such as "whys" and "Hows."

                          The question, "What is the second... do you think?" almost seems silly. I want to talk to the person who says RB is actually first. First at what? Sales? but beyond that, first at what? I know for fact RB is not first at anything beyond past accomplishments. RB is dying a slow death in their product life cycle. They are losing market share at an alarming pace. The RB marketing plan will continue to attempt to breathe life into a decomposing brand, maybe they should start from scratch and re-brand it as "Pond Water!"

                          One problem with products in this catagory is it is replete with amatuers at the manufacturing/production level. Another major problem is poor consumer identification with the "energy drink" segment of the beverage industry. Most importantly, perhaps, is that greed is the primary motivation behind product development of brands in this high-margin beverage catagory.

                          Greed? Yes. Besides the Majors, who invests in real R&D, advertising, and bonafide distribution and support? Nobody! Because it costs too much. So there is very little credible information available to responsibly examine what is really going on in this industry and explains how big red can package piss-water and know they will make their margins. So actually, a lot can be derived from that lack of information. Primarily, thanks to RB, we have an industry, but its more akin to a ship wandering about without a rudder.

                          With regards to Go Fast!, it is has a solid flagship product and a clear brand identity. Go Fast is strongly segmented and seeking to expand its markets but lacks meaningful brand support and effective DSD networks. Go Fast is probably one of the few brands that actually has a right to boast product merits. The future of the company looks optomististic if they can retain brand integrity, improve marketing and continue innovations.


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                            Dying a slow death, while still growing their

                            Go Fast...they have gone fast, that is their problem. I have seen that drink come and go on a few different occations. Barely moves, and just fits into the "me too" catogory. Unfortunatly for most brands, outside of RB, RS, Monster, and Sobe & AMP, just about every other drinks looks like eachother. They all seem to come and go so quickly, that poeple will not give them much of a chance because they dont know how long it will be around for.
                            RB is #1 for opening up the market, for the sales, for the way they keep growing, for the way they keep people interested in the brand, and for the way they have maintained their market price point over the years.
                            Rock Star is #2 for opening up the 16 oz market. They helped to re-invent the energy drink market. They helped to take away some of RB's sales, and take most of the other 30% of the market that RB did not have.


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                              I agree with Sarge that Go Fast! has a very good product with good brand identity. I also agree that RB has peaked, I've heard people say that RB vans will be a thing of the past as most distributors are now finding it less costly to just throw it in with the other mix. Many retailers will find it more profitable to forget about that free case and start selling other brands in that glut of space occupied by RB. I may be wrong, but i doubt it.