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This is so "caffeine free" without edude

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  • This is so "caffeine free" without edude

    I don't post on here, but I do read often. In fact I had to sign up again to make this post. I will admit that I was a secret fan of the posts from Edude.

    Now granted, it did not take a genius to realize that he often did spam his products. But just about everyone on here is guilty of this practice at some time or another.

    What I enjoyed was his ability to create controversy and discussion on this board. He kept me coming back and I could not wait to see what he said next and what your responses would be. Plus it was so obvious when he would purposely bait some of you and your frustrated responses were classic. Edude missed his calling, law school.

    So if Bevnet staff read these posts, I challenge you to bring back edude and bring back some life to your energy drink section. Right now it is really lacking any energy.

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    Thats why I started the Post Bring Back Energydude. Im right there with you seattle, they should. And they should be booting some other people instead.


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      Well Bevnet I have to agree. I mean yes he is the man who signs my paycheck but since you guys cut him at the knees this board is a lot less exciting and the level of conversation has dropped way off. I don't agree with everything energydude has to say but he does make you think and it is hard to argue with someone who has been so successful.


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        actually it was pretty easy to argue with him because he wouldn't fully think through what he was posting. So has conversation gone down...yes...but when he was here, was there ever much new conversation, or just the same arguments? I had no problem with him here, I have no problem with him gone. Its a slow time in Bev. anyway, lets see what happens over the next few months.