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  • BEVNET Company Spotlight

    On the site today there is a feature on XS Energy Drink under "Bevnet Company Spotlight."

    I have a couple questions.
    1. Is this feature produced/written by the Bevnet staff or by XS/Quixstar?

    2.Contained in this article there is the following qoute. "It???????„?s through this unique arrangement1 that XS was able to become the second largest selling energy drink brand in the United States2 in such a short period of time.???????

    The source sited for this statement is IRI data.

    I have seen many differently types of data, (Nielson, IRI etc) and have never seen XS in the top 10, let alone #2?

    Is anyone able to produce any actual data substantiating this claim that XS is #2, ?

    Does bevnet stand by this claim in the article or did they allow a company to post factually incorrect information on the site in an attempt to promote a brand.

    I would appreciate some clarification.

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    Sounds like BEVNET is selling ads dressed up like either reviews or news. Too Bad!


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      Spotlights are ads. On the page, there are the words "Special Advertorial Section"

      Somehow I doubt XS is in the top ten.. maybe top 20.. Clearly Red Bull, Monster, and Rockstar are the big 3. How can IRI track XS sales, if it's not sold in retail establishments? Wouldn't Quixtar have their own internal sales records?

      Read this for a good laugh:

      I especially like these parts:

      "Negative people do not like anything."

      "???????Doesn???????„?t that taste great? (Nod your head.)"


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        I love XS... I sell case after case after case. It's good stuff, no sugar, no carbs... 8 calories.. no bull. If i see an RB drinker .. I'm like try this and then they're hooked. GO XS [img]smile.gif[/img]


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          [ 02-15-2005, 02:29 PM: Message edited by: pdxbevman97060 ]


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              it says "Special Advertorial Section" right below an ad so it still looks like a factual article. very misleading. someone reading that may beleive it to be the gospel, which it is to all those IBO's.


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                lol. Not say'n it's gosple.