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2005 Bar and Beverage in Vegas !

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  • 2005 Bar and Beverage in Vegas !

    I am looking forward to the show. I will let you know the winners and losers from the show and hopefully find some new great products !!! Bang Vodka sounds interesting... LOL!

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    So, how was it? Any new interesting items? Who were the winners and losers?


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      The show was simply amazing! The thing I noticed most is how many of the energy drink companies have sexed things up. Monster has a girl at their booth signing a poster that was a picture of her butt. Rockstar looked out dated and a little cheesy with a mostly naked girl on their bus. Red Bull had a great booth but brought nothing new to the table. The SumPoosie booth wasn't much but the bottle models more than made up for it. The most disappointing thing I noticed at the show is that there are still way too many energy drink companies selling horrible tasting stuff. I don't care to mention any of them because we all know that leads to arguments on this board.


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        Name them, I think we are interested. And usually what starts arguments is when people say that brand tastes like crap, not like mine, I dont know why anyone buys that, but I know why they buy mine, and that company is way to old, not like mine...opinions I believe are all good here, its the spam advertisments mixed in with pure hate for a company. Or just blantant bad remarks about a brand with nothing to back it up or no reasons. But I think we would be interested in hearing who was there and who tasted good and had good packages and who did not.


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          Hi, I was very impressed with Red Bull. They had a huge display. It looks like a hanger but with a bar in it. Everyone who was on the main floor had very gorgeous displays. Monster had a truck, a funneral car and some diagonal displays. I checked it out but saw people lining up to get free stuff. Stinger was there, not impressed. Pimpjuice was there, taste is OK. E Shot was on the upper level with Wired, EX Casabala? and Liquid ice. Rawdawg, Bomba, Sobe and let see....I think I left out a few. All in all, I think the the trophy goes to Red Bull, Liquid Ice and Monster. They had the most hits. The Loser ..well .. theres no losers but I noticed Wired and E shot and Casabala was quite empty. But That doesnt mean that it didnt change. I could be wrong but its only what I saw. sorry.....


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            If I listed all of the energy drinks that tasted good we would not be here very long. Most of the energy drinks that were there tasted awful. Stinger was so bad that many people were asking others where the nearest trash can was.

            Monster and Rockstar were both confused I still do not understand why monster had a poster of a girls butt and the model in the booth signing her butt poster for anyone who wanted it. I also did not understand the mostly naked girl on the Rockstar bus.

            Red Bull booth was nice for the million that was spent but offered nothing new.

            Bomba, if you can drink it you deserve a reward.

            SumPoosie had 8 really hot girls in the booth and the bottles looked really cool but they ran out of product before the end of the show.

            Rawdawg I am sure will be gone soon.

            Pimpjuice is also still around, somehow.


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              Originally posted by Damon:
              Red Bull booth was nice for the million that was spent but offered nothing new.

              I hear that 4 out of 5 Poosie girls prefer Red Bull over Sum Poosie.

              Bomba, if you can drink it you deserve a reward.

              I agree with you there.

              Sum Poosie had 8 really hot girls in the booth and the bottles looked really cool but they ran out of product before the end of the show.

              If your talking about the strippers who I've seen pictures of on the web, I think you are confusing the word butt with the word hot. You need to offer a dental plan to those girls, half of them have green teeth. If a company can't bring enough drinks to a show, how can you expect them to be prepared to support you when you need tons of the product cause it's selling like hot cakes? Guess you will have empty shelves.

              Rawdawg I am sure will be gone soon.

              We agree on something else too.

              Pimpjuice is also still around, somehow.

              Cause it has a pleasant taste.
              E dude, is there anything you can say that Sum Poosie needs to improve upon? Can you name 1 thing you don't like about it?


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                LOL ! Yes, I have admitted on this board that energydude is my boss. I can assure you we have very different opinions.

                The Red Bull Booth was nice as I said but for a million dollars you would expect it to be nice. I was a little disappointed that they brought nothing new to the show. Four out of 5 Poosie girls do not drink Red Bull because it gives them the shakes and cramps.

                Secondly, I met the girls and Ashley Smith, CJ Gibson, Donyell Hinton, Jennifer Copeland are not strippers. In fact if you look at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Ashley Smith has a huge full page ad for a liquor company in it and she looks better than any other girl in the magazine.

                I did talk to the owner of SumPoosie and ask him why he was running low on product at the show, and why he just used banners for his booth? He said that they brought 8 pallets or 5,600 bottles to the show and in the first day they gave out more than 4,000 and sold all 288 SumPoosie Tshirts for 10 dollars a piece !!!

                When I asked about the booth he said, "Why spend a lot of money on a booth when the attraction is the girls?" I did ask him about the drink itself and he said for 2005 they are adding more caffeine more vitamins and more ginseng.

                So what can I say? Where do they need to improve... I love the white bottles and they are adding even more energy. I think they have made a very good product even better.


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                  How many cases are on your pallets? 5600 bottles does not seem like a lot. BAWLS gave out that much product in Hunington Beach at the Target/Mervyns beach bash with xtrem athleats.
                  If you want to know what to improve upon, here is what I dont like with SP. I dont like the fuji wrap. I have always thought that looked cheap. The flavor, to me is a little to childish. Well, that may not be the word, but a little to sweet/shirly temple to me. I like that they try to keep it more soda like than energy drink like, but just not thirst quenching to me.


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                    Thanks for the correction Ron my math was a bit off!!! There are 70 cases per pallet and 24 to a box so that is 1,680 bottles per pallet so that means they gave away almost 10,000 bottles the first day. If that does not seem like a lot to you in 6 hours than you are dreaming!

                    I was at the show and I can tell you as fast as they put them out they were taken, it was a mob scene! Even the people from the Monster Booth came over to get product!!!

                    The new white label is really nice EVERYONE who came to the booth said it was awesome. I can't think of any drink with a better label.

                    Ron, lots of things have changed for 2005 with the drink
                    SumPoosie has more vitamins, more caffeine, more ginseng, and a little less sugar.

                    For the record Ron, I do not drink SumPoosie straight. I always have it with a little Vodka or Jaegarmister.


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                      SP is adding caffeine to the recipe??? Didn't you, I mean, "E-Dude" once state:
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                      What I would like to know is why are drinks that do not follow FDA Guidelines of no more than 6mgs of caffeine per fluid oz. allowed to sell in the USA??? I would really like the FDA to answer that. USA manufactures have to follow FDA rules but if it is FOREIGN you can do what you want?
                      RB has 10mgs. per fluid oz. does anyone think this is right or fair???
                      So, how much caffeine are you planning to add?...



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                        Sorry CR but my boss posted all the time and I work for a living so I did not read many of his post. It does sound like something he would say. But energy drinks do not have to follow the same rules as colas do so I guesss the point is moot!

                        For 2005 SumPoosie is adding caffeine, ginseng, more B vitamins and a little less sugar. Sounds like they are making a good product even better.

                        Is everyone on this board as friendly as you and Ron?


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                          E dude, I personally like Sum Poosie, it just like to pick fights with people that say their drink is the best. I will say that Sum Poosie does have a nice container; glass kicks @ss. I like to harass you cause you compare Sum Poosie to Meet the Fockers, then you have parties with loosely dressed girls. The label isn't my favorite, but hey, beggars can't be choosers. Overall I'd drink Sum Poosie, but would rather have a Bawls instead.

                          [ 03-09-2005, 08:36 AM: Message edited by: Christian Prickett ]


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                            I think energy drinks to have to follow the same guidelines, but in terms of addatives that are G.R.A.S. then it doesnt matter. Are you guys adding more caffiene or more guarana. I dont make drinks, I just sell them, but as far as I know there is a limit per oz.
                            10000 bottles is a good amount, 1600 is not. Its a funky brand that hopefuly will not fall to the impulse/novelty buyers because then success is limited. Id like to see it without a fuji wrap, little different taste, and with different distributors. All drinks have to start somewere, but many of the distributors I have never heard of or are obviously starting one on their own.


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                              I have no idea what they are doing or how they are doing it but I do know they are adding caffeine and vitamins and dropping the sugar a bit.

                              The white fuji wrap is the coolest thing I have ever seen!

                              I would love to see bigger distributors pick up the brand, I think that is just a function of them seeing the success the smaller guys are having with the product.

                              It is a very easy sell and it gives me a chance to talk about all the other products I sell.