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  • Is this true?

    A few people have mentioned to me in the past couple weeks that the government is going to step in and start to investigate energy drinks on the basis of their addictions. Is this true?

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    I have not heard anything about that. They would have to do the same with coffe and sodas.


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      I don't really see this happening. I mean you'd have to investigate every little thing out there that contains caffeine. And, also it's like anything if you abuse a product then it can be dangerous. If you drink it in moderation, and don't just live off the stuff then there really isn't too much problem. Could be wrong, but just a thought!


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        I know that the government has already started going after some energy drink companies in regards to the "structure/function claims" that they make on their labels and advertising thus making them PROVE these claims to be factual.


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          Red Bull actually had to scientifically prove their claims before Austria would allow them to start selling their product 18 years ago. Subsequently, they've created an entire sports science facility in Austria where they are constantly testing the validity of the product and it's effect during physical exertion throughout various sports.



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            The way to avoid having to prove these claims is to position your product as a "Dietary Supplement" eg. SOBE ADRENALINE RUSH which allows you to use the structure function claims that are already associated with the supplements and are "Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS). There is obviously more to this but that is basically the gist of it.


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              I think the goverment has enough to worry about. Energy drinks are not on the top of the hit lists!