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    NRG...they are promoted, and if you walk into any store, its obvious that there are choices...if you are talking about onpremise...well then it gets limited, but thats because it is a small part of most bars income. Its easy extra money...but just some side money. Damon is right...only about 10% of the customers will even drink an RB and something...that number does not double or tripple if you add RS or SP or Monster...the customer base is small for the mainly helps the company as keeping RB part of a fun experience.


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      The point was what energy drink would make money in a nighclub? I am not going to reiterate my point as I made it pretty clear I think. If there was another point beyond that, I truly must have missed it.

      Is there supposed to be a moral point? Some point that is designed to reveal that every company out there should be given a "fair shot"? Or that nightclubs should invest their time and money into something that just might, maybe, turn out to sell as much as Red Bull. If there's only 10% of people that are drinking Edrinks there anyway, why struggle through a change of product to recieve the same sales (and I don't think that would happen)?

      Do you think that with another product, this percentage would actually increase? Hey, I could buy that. But again, where is the support structure, marketing, branding, etc?

      So, where I will leave this is: Sure people should be given choices...I am not disagreeing with that. But with choices, operators need to be shown that they are going to sell more in their Edrink category. I am saying that other COs need to step up to the plate and produce some incentive to convince bars to give them a shot. Obviously, this would take a lot of clever marketing and, yes, a lot of money. Are there "better tasting" Edrinks out there? YES! I'd be an idiot to think that EVERYONE ONLY LOVES RED BULL. (personally, I am a fan of 69) I just don't see how they will bone up to this demand since RB has locked down so much in this category and focuses on it with such fervor. And I have to admit, it does tend to mix well with a lot of liquors whereas some other Edrinks seem to taste better only as a single serve.

      Look, I'm not yring to be argumentative here. I see already I am being called out as a "peddler". Well, thats not necessary. No, I have often wondered, as an operator and as a sales rep, just how will these other COs make their stake in this area. I offer nothing but points that would need to be addressed to do so.

      Ron: by the way, I've always admired your mediating skills.

      Bawls: Former nightclub operator. Now I consult in that field and sell Red Bull On-Premise. I think the background gives me great insight for what I do and where I conduct business now. I think we can dispense with the whole "peddler" moniker. No one on the board should be called that for what they do.


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        Many of us are in the Biz, I try not to be a company man here. I do get a lot of good info here. One thing that people coming to this site don't seem to understand is that different parts of the country are different. Example Monster is a lot stronger here and getting in bars. RB is really a west coast thing. Rockstar is sold by Coke here and is not a big thing.


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          truth- what part of the country are you in?


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              Are you sure about that? I'm in Orlando and happen to know, as does AC Nielson, that RB leads by a long shot not only in Edrinks, but surpasses quite a few profound soft drinks in many categories as well.

              Do you mean the Southeast a whole? I happen to know that being a Red Bull Rep in FL is considered quite the gift in the CO. The product is very respected throughout the state.


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                Red bull owns the on premise market. If you want to make money selling to on premise you need to get out of your head any thing about beating red bull.

                First off you need to know you have lots of connections in clubs in your area and other areas too if you can.

                Second gotta taste and look red bullish.

                Third price it a little lower and give then volume discounts.

                I know a guy who has all the above. He is not worried about the retail trade. Has friends in PR, so his product is mentioned in new paper and magazine articles. Many of the hottest nightclubs are taking it. He got it in some hot clubs in other cities too.
                The guy is not trying to be red bull. He is having fun and making some bucks with his own brand. He and his friends go out to these clubs all the time and treated like VIP???????„?s. He is young single and living it up.

                That???????„?s how ya do it. BOYZ.


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                  I don't consider Fla to be southeast, but I know it is. I'm not bashing Red Bull, but the Red Bull is not such a big name in the Carolina's.
                  Red Bull does real well with women(small can).

                  I would glady take Red Bulls money. Yes I'm just saying there is a lot of market out there. I think you will see even more flavors marketed to different groups. The market is changing, ask Pepsi and Coke.