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Austrian Red Bull made for other Countries?

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  • Austrian Red Bull made for other Countries?

    I've been working in the Mid-South area for the past few weeks and I have noticed that several of the "Mom and Pop" type stores are carrying Red Bull 8.3oz cans that are from other countries.

    Some are not even in English but have an English printed paper label stuck to the back of the can over the ingredients.

    I know some I saw was in Spanish and there was also one from the U.K. because it said "Stimulation" on the front of the can instead of "Energy Drink" like the ones here in the States do, but there were several different languages that I didn't recognize.

    I asked a couple of store owners where they were getting this product and for how much and they named a couple of different small wholesellers from around the area and said they were paying anywhere from $25 to $30. They also said that the local distributor was very unhappy with them buying from someone else.

    My questions are, is this legal? And where are they getting this product? Does it have different ingredients than the RB we have here in the States?

    I can't see how someone could buy pallets of this RB and break it down and put stickers over the ingredients and then rewrap the product and sell it for $2 to $7 cheaper than the RB distriubtor.

    Has anyone else seen this in their area of the country?

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    It is legit Red Bull. Basicaly Red Bull distributors are selling by the cargo load for only a few bucks profit to larger cash and carrys and small guys looking to make a few bucks. Its comming from the Caribbean and some other area just outside the US. Red Bull has been tracking the product codes and tracing it back to the distributors who are doing this. Some are starting to loose their rights to sell the brand.