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    Ive been researching energy drinks all day,and we are still at the tip of an iceberg,there are niches within niches,kabala holy E drinks,Gay energy drinks,and energy drinks that cater to ethnicities,even nellys pimp juice busted wide open to the hip hop crowd,and so why ? Have the Leviathons only having limited success?On all accounts they should be dominating the market,I believe we are entering a new phase in the evolution of drinks,almost like the gold rush of the early days when every man with a pan and desire, had an even chance at staking his or her claim,anyway just my 2cents, as I relax here,sipping a cold brew,chasing it with my first Energy drink,not bad,not bad at all.

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    Yes there are many upon many types of energy drinks out there. Whether they're geared toward an ethnicity, religion, hype, or whatever they're everywhere! You'll either like it or you won't. Just depends on how open you are to change. If you just want to play it safe, and move with the the majority of the crowd RB is for you. If you want to expand you're mind, and try new things... The market is wide open. Dive in the drinks are fine!


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      Yup, you can try something new, or plug into a system that's already up and working.
      Kyle Pitts


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        Thanks for the input,ELEVATE YOUR MIND!!!!