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Bawls As A Mixer?

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  • Bawls As A Mixer?

    I finally found some Bawls today at the seven eleven, and I read the review on this site about it, and it said that people use Bawls as a mixer. I bought three bottles, I'll drink the other two as it, but I might do something with the 3rd bottle. I don't know what though. I have a bottle of skyy citrus vodka and a bottle of berry skyy.

    Any suggestions?

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    i dotn think it would be that good of a mixer personally, but havent tried..

    i love bawls guaranexx and wish i could find it more places, its simply delicioso...

    for mixing, i'd stick with red bull/vodka and mix up the vodka you are mixing with it.. its simply the best "energy+alcohol" mixed drink and the original basically.


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      I've mixed Bawls with Irish Whiskey before, it wasn't too bad. I'd suspect it would probably mix well with Crown Royale too - Crown blends well with many sugar sodas.

      How much are they charging at 7-11 for Bawls? I saw it at one last week but there was no price tag on them.

      Give me some cane sugar real Pepsi in a glass bottle... and not Throwback!


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        Around $1.69. I think.

        This was the first time I had seen it, and I was surprised how small the bottles were.


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          There was a strip club in Reno, NV that sold BAWLS. I brought them some little tank tops with BAWLS logos on them for the "dancers" to wear. They all loved them. The bartender fooled around with a drink mix which turned out to be incredibly good. I believe it was just BAWLS, Tuaca (Italian liquor) and some Blue Curacuo and ice. Really good, and the free dances I got from the gratefull "dancers" with their new shirts...priceless.

          Also BAWLS and Vodka is pretty good, as is Vanilla Vodka (Smirnoff Twist, Stolie, etc.)


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            I mix the following with Bawls...

            Berry Bawls ..... Sky Berry and Bawls
            Captain Bawls ... Perrot Bay and Bawls
            Black Bawls ..... Blackhouse, Blue Pucker, and Bawls
            Bawl Yonn ....... Yonn Saki chilled and Bawls

            You can mix Bawls anything you mix with Sprite.


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              When it comes to mixing Sumpoosie is the best by far, it mixes well with just about everything.


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                I drank all those bottles of bawls already. I'll have to pick up some more and try your suggestions.

                I'm a moderate drinker in case anyone's curious. I only have like 2 drinks a week.