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    Has anyone tried this latest offering from the canucks?

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    taste like old socks... its a wierd grapefruity mixture sort of tart and sharpe. glowey yellow in color and I felt no real kick from the product.

    but the slogan is sweet DAM GOOD


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      hey everyone, I have tried this new "beaver buzz" And after having had it for the first time I have to say its one of the better tasteting energy drinks out there! It is a refreshing change after always having to put up with all the red bull knock offs. besides the point that red bull itself isnt a very good drink in its own anyway. The boost i got was quite good too. all in all a pretty goood drink


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        I've seen it at 7-11 but havent tried it yet, maybe I'll get one later when I stop in there.

        I'm not huge into the drinks though, I don't get much of a boost from them. Well minus Crazy Larry's (R.I.P.) that stuff was crazy.

        Tried Shark a couple weeks ago for the first time and didnt see what the big deal. Sure maybe it was the original, but it tastes like all the other energy drinks out there.


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          where do you get crazy larry's RIP that sounds killer.. serious i like trying new drinks


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            I used to get it when I lived back in Alaska.

            It was pretty crazy stuff. From what I heard it was discontinued but there were rumors of bringing it back this year. I think it was bottled or distributed by Red Devil Energy Drinks.

            They had a Deep Space Blue and an Orange Blast flavour. They were super sweet, very easy to chug, and came in 16 oz. cans.

            If you drank two cans of the blue your poop would be bright blue-green haha.

            I heard it was discontinued because people were getting seisures... The can itself claimed it was the most powerful energy drink on the market...

            THe cans were cool looking as you can see here: