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  • What is a strong new brand

    I was wondering, what is a good drink that is for real? I know you guys can fill up this thread with your own drinks that you carry. But really, does any one know any manufacturers out there that can verify who produce more, what intervals and the rate of increase or decrease? The drinks that belong to Pepsi, Coke, Red Bull, monster are the big boys. Everyone knows that they are big but What about the rest? Can someone tell me how many cases mad crock produced this year? do they produce every 1,2,3 or6months? and have they increase or decrease since the last order? If I were a good reporter, I would ask the guys who would make the cans or pack the cans. If I was a distributor, I like to know who Iam representing and how well they are doing. right?
    If I had that information, I'll bet it will silence a lot of liars and wannabees. I'll even bet that some of you distributors would jump ship and dedicate your time and money with a stronger company that can make you rich. I may not be an expert and Im sure theres more variables than what I mentioned. But after reading some of theses post, I kinda feel that having that info would put every on the same page. Besides you business owner would get a real and honest report. It would certainly shed some light if you were representing some bs company who paid extra on ad for the magazine to get a good write up.
    Heck.. You pros should get together and form a panel just to track the market and charge people for it. That way, those lazy reporters who just cut and paste on their reports will for once give an honest report on the market.
    Im just expressing my thoughts, just thoughts. Just trying to help.

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    There is a company here in Oklahoma City that carries a brand called Old Glory. They are like $1 for a 16oz can. It sells very well, they have displays at alot of stores. No I do NOT work for the company, just an observer.
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